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We’re al­ready half­way through 2018 and a lot of ba­bies have passed through my life this year al­ready. I’m so blessed to have the job I have. I get to spend time with preg­nant mothers and mothers with babes in arms – ev­ery sin­gle day! I get to touch a blos­som­ing, bulging belly (with per­mis­sion) and I get to hold a brand-new baby ev­ery day. I also get to see my ba­bies grow up to be­come strong and healthy chil­dren, and the feel­ing that comes from hav­ing been a part of mak­ing this pos­si­ble is in­de­scrib­able. How a child is nur­tured and nour­ished, both phys­i­cally and spiritually, from be­fore they’re born, is more im­por­tant than you can ever know. Preg­nant moms – talk to your un­born baby, love him and if you can, get your part­ner to do the same by touch­ing your belly and talk­ing to your baby too. Ba­bies will know they’re loved, valu­able, pre­cious and wanted long be­fore they ar­rive. As you are read­ing this, I am en­ter­ing a new phase in my life. I get to grad­u­ate from be­ing a mother to be­ing a grand­mother. I’m be­yond ex­cited, as I’ve waited so long to hold my very own baby in my arms again. My daugh­ters are bless­ing me with a grand­son and a grand­daugh­ter. My heart is full of an­tic­i­pa­tion, love and joy at the fact that my girls are be­com­ing mothers and I get to be part of their jour­ney, as I have been with so many of you out there. I’m told that be­ing a grand­mother is so much nicer than be­ing a mother, and I can’t con­ceive of that! So I’m wildly ex­cited. I’m go­ing to ex­pe­ri­ence a to­tally new feel­ing. Re­mem­ber, ev­ery mo­ment you spend with your baby is a chance to make mem­o­ries. Be sure to make plenty of good ones!

Much love, Tina (Nana-to-be)

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