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I had C-sec­tions with my first two chil­dren, and suf­fered bilateral pul­monary em­boli af­ter the birth of my sec­ond child. I went into my third preg­nancy very vig­i­lant, and tried to pre­pare my­self as best as I could. I thought hav­ing been through preg­nancy twice and hav­ing ex­pe­ri­enced so much, very lit­tle could sur­prise me at this point. But, at 29 weeks, sud­den chest pains led to a di­ag­no­sis of an aor­tic dis­sec­tion, which re­sulted in my third baby be­ing born at 30 weeks, pre­ma­ture, as I had to have an open-heart pro­ce­dure. The emo­tional state I found my­self in is far be­yond words. But hav­ing been ex­posed to a tool like Your Preg­nancy, I found my­self draw­ing strength from the source of in­sight it was. Once again be­ing a new mom to a pre­ma­ture baby and hav­ing to learn how to deal with the sit­u­a­tion and si­mul­ta­ne­ously re­cover from such an in­tense pro­ce­dure be­came much more bear­able due the sup­port­ive na­ture of this mag. I’m over­whelmed with grat­i­tude and can’t stress enough how big an im­pact your team makes in the lives of moms like me. The emo­tional and psy­cho­log­i­cal sup­port you pro­vide gives us strength. I find my­self with my nose glued to ev­ery new copy I get – I learn some­thing new each time I pick up a copy!

Beatrice Lu­didi, Welkom

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