Many women ap­proach child­birth with fear and anx­i­ety. But birth is not a med­i­cal pro­ce­dure; it’s a time for cel­e­bra­tion and joy! Tina Otte ad­vises how you can you be­come more pos­i­tive about your baby’s birth­day

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YOUR MIND IS the great­est tool you have dur­ing labour. For many women, the big­gest chal­lenge of giv­ing birth is get­ting out of your own head space and mov­ing into an al­tered state, which you are well equipped to do with the pow­er­ful hor­monal cock­tail surg­ing through your body. Giv­ing up con­trol in your mind and let­ting your body take over is a process that you may not be com­fort­able with. Af­fir­ma­tions can change all of that, as they make you con­scious of your thoughts. To af­firm means to say some­thing pos­i­tively. It means to de­clare firmly and as­sert some­thing to be true. Af­fir­ma­tions are state­ments where you as­sert that what you want to be true, is true. When you say them or think them or even hear them, they be­come the thoughts that cre­ate your re­al­ity. Cut out and keep these af­fir­ma­tions to look at while you’re preg­nant and to take with you to the hos­pi­tal. Look at them when you find your­self wa­ver­ing dur­ing labour and gather strength from them. Have the spe­cial women in your life write af­fir­ma­tions for you, putting their names on the notes. Know these women are with you dur­ing labour, sup­port­ing you.

With each surge, I tell my baby, I’m here, we are in this to­gether. I love you

My body knows how to birth my baby


I am a strong, beau­ti­ful woman. I ac­cept my­self com­pletely, here and now. I de­serve this won­der­ful birth!

I cel­e­brate each surge. I al­low it to move won­der­fully and pur­pose­fully through my body

I have grown this baby; I will push her out


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