Your Pregnancy - - Q&A Month 8 -

Q: I am nearly 8 months preg­nant and it feels like I’ve had back pain ever since con­ceiv­ing. It is even worse now in the last trimester. Even five min­utes feels like too long to stand. Is it be­cause the baby is too big? There is not a day I don’t feel pain and heav­i­ness.

A: Tina says: It is very com­mon to feel back strain at this stage of your preg­nancy. It is usu­ally due to bad pos­ture be­cause your grow­ing uterus changes your cen­tre of grav­ity. Try to avoid stand­ing for long pe­ri­ods of time and be very aware of your pos­ture dur­ing the day. You may have a pinched nerve that is mak­ing the mat­ter worse. I sug­gest that you try some gen­tle stretch­ing for your lower back and per­haps ask your part­ner or some­one close to you to give you a lower back mas­sage.

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