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HERE’S A LIST OF SUB­JECTS YOU MIGHT LIKE TO COVER AS YOU COM­PILE YOUR BIRTH PLAN 1 Your ideal type of de­liv­ery (C-sec­tion, in­duced, all-nat­u­ral, wa­ter birth)

2 Your pain re­lief pref­er­ences

3 Your labour po­si­tion pref­er­ences (walk­ing, sit­ting, squat­ting, in a birthing pool)

4 Your pref­er­ences about be­ing al­lowed to eat and drink dur­ing labour

5 Your wishes for music, can­dles, scents and other at­mo­spheric en­hancers

6 The peo­ple you would like to grant per­mis­sion to be at the birth

7 The de­gree of med­i­cal in­ter­ven­tions you hope for (for­ceps, vac­uum, epi­siotomy, surgery, epidu­ral, in­duc­tion, man­ual break­ing of wa­ter)

8 What you would like to hap­pen with your new baby (to be laid on your chest im­me­di­ately, to be al­lowed to breast­feed im­me­di­ately, to de­lay cord clamp­ing, to de­lay the baby’s first bath, not to be sep­a­rated from baby at all).

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