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1 Yoga lets you TUNE IN WITH YOUR BODY, and start a re­la­tion­ship with the lit­tle seed of life grow­ing in­side of you.

2 Yoga is RE­LAX­ING, yet it tones your muscles so it makes you look and feel great.

3 Yoga is a GEN­TLE FORM OF EX­ER­CISE, and you can ad­just the dif­fi­culty level to suit your re­quire­ments.

4 Yoga IM­PROVES YOUR SLEEP and re­laxes you.

5 It helps with short­ness of breath which can be­come a com­mon dis­com­fort in late preg­nancy. By stretch­ing and breath­ing you are phys­i­cally CREAT­ING SPACE in your body.

6 Yoga AIDS DI­GES­TION and can help pre­vent con­sti­pa­tion and tummy trou­bles.

7 Un­like most other phys­i­cal sports, you can PRAC­TISE YOGA ALL THE WAY THROUGH your preg­nancy.

8 BREATH­ING Yoga com­prises a lot of con­scious breath­ing, which sends a load of fresh oxy­gen into your blood­stream and to your baby. Con­scious breath­ing also en­hances blood cir­cu­la­tion, which can al­le­vi­ate sore, swollen ankles.

9 By strength­en­ing and stretch­ing your muscles, as well as learn­ing breath­ing tech­niques, it will MAKE THE BIRTH AND THE RE­COV­ERY PROCESS EAS­IER. Yoga also opens up the pelvis in prepa­ra­tion for birth.

10 CLOTHES Who are we kid­ding? Noth­ing is as comfy as loose yoga clothes while your tummy (and other parts) are be­ing stretched to their lim­its.

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