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Q: I’m 13 weeks preg­nant with my first baby. I’m so ex­cited, but I need to know how long does a nor­mal preg­nancy take? We grew up know­ing it’s nine months, the mag­a­zines say it’s 40 weeks (on count­ing that’s 10 months!) but the doc­tors say the baby will come when it’s ready. I went to the clinic and met other preg­nant moms. One was com­plain­ing that she went to see the doc­tor be­cause she was due – she was 40 weeks and three days – but the doc­tor said she still had an­other month to go. Also, are the ul­tra­sound scans ac­cu­rate when es­ti­mat­ing due dates?

A: Tina says: Many moms-to-be are con­fused about how a preg­nancy is dated. A preg­nancy lasts be­tween 266 and 280 days. Med­i­cal staff tend to talk about preg­nancy in weeks – and 40 weeks is con­sid­ered nor­mal. I know it sounds as if that means a preg­nancy is 10 months, but re­mem­ber a lu­nar month is not only 28 days, but as long as 31 days in many in­stances. So the 10 months of preg­nancy mea­sure out to be (more or less) the same as the nine months of the cal­en­dar. In most cases the most ac­cu­rate scan date is the date you get from your very first scan. Hope this helps.

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