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Your phar­ma­cist will al­most cer­tainly ad­vise you to see your doc­tor if you’re bat­tling with piles dur­ing your preg­nancy. With your doc­tor’s say-so, there are sev­eral over-the-counter reme­dies avail­able. Don’t use treat­ments that con­tain cor­ti­sone for more than a week un­less di­rected by your doc­tor, as they may cause your skin to thin. A Vo­gel Haem­or­rhoid For­mula (drops to take orally), about R90 Home­o­force Com­bin P Haem­or­rhoid treat­ment (tablets), about R60 Witch hazel haem­or­rhoidal pads (pack of 100), about R150 Softi Wipes (pack of 25 wet-wipes), about R25 Prepa­ra­tion H (oint­ment/gel), about R100 Prepa­ra­tion H (12 sup­pos­i­to­ries), about R120

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