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A fantastic run in the pool for Poorun

- Richard Springorum

AARYAN Poorun had a fantastic swim at the recent St Catherine’s School Interhouse gala, shattering three records in the boys U13 age group.

The St Dominics swimmer bettered the 50m butterfly (46.09 and old record 1.00.72), 50m breaststro­ke (44.65 and old record 56.49) and

50m freestyle (35.65 and old record 47.19) records.

But he was not the only swimmer to better a record, with Mvelo Shoo bettering the boys U13 50m backstroke record (45.31 and old record 47.19).

Parents, teachers and spectators were kept entertaine­d throughout the event as St Thomas,

St Martins and St Dominics battled it out in the pool for the coveted House Trophy, and outside the pool for the Spirit Trophy.

In the end when all scores were tallied,

St Dominics claimed the 2018 House Trophy with 365 points and

St Thomas claimed the Spirit Trophy.

St Thomas ended in second place with 285 points, followed by St Martins in third with

237 points.

The Junior Victor Ludorum went to Jayden Horsley and the Junior Victrix Ludorum to Kiara Coetzer.

St Catherine’s headgirl Sarah Giles bagged the Senior Victrix Ludorum, with Grace Engelbrech­t picking up the Best U14 girls swimmer award.

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