Stu­dent logic beg­gars be­lief

Zululand Observer - Monday - - ZO LETTERS -

Iwrite in re­sponse to the ar­ti­cle in the ZO of 16 March ‘Cam­pus re­opens - but no books avail­able’.

I find it be­yond be­lief that af­ter ri­ot­ing and loot­ing at the Univer­sity of Zu­l­u­land in protest of re­ceiv­ing no money, the stu­dents then com­plain they have no books.

This af­ter they burned down their very own book­shop and stole lap­tops and so on that were used to ac­cess in­for­ma­tion needed for their stud­ies.

For good­ness’ sake - talk about cut­ting off your own nose to spite your face.

How on earth do they think the univer­sity must re­place and re­pair ev­ery­thing that was de­stroyed? Do these stu­dents think that money just ap­pears from nowhere?

Oh wait, I know, the wage earn­ers and tax­pay­ers must just pay up - again!

These same stu­dents are sup­posed to be the cream of the crop, the ones with brains - af­ter all, they did pass ma­tric with a good enough mark to be able to en­ter univer­sity.

You’d think they would have the com­mon sense to know that if you burn and loot, it is very dif­fi­cult to re­place.

One day these same stu­dents are hope­fully go­ing to pass and fin­ish univer­sity and en­ter the work­place, where they will be the wage earn­ers and tax­pay­ers, hav­ing to have their hard-earned money wasted on try­ing to re­place that which stu­dent protests and self­ish ac­tions have de­stroyed.

The wheel turns!


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