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Technicall­y a sandwich, really a whole meal


Burgers truly are a source of happiness, thanks to the rich cheesy topping, crisp onion, and juicy tomato that brings it all together with a pickle tang finish. Or maybe you prefer your burger with extra toppings such as caramelise­d onions, mushrooms and even chillies.

Whatever the case, it’s plain to see the burger is the perfect food.

Burger Day, 23 August, is a celebratio­n of this all-time favourite food.

The history of Burger Day

Burger Day was fist celebrated by Mr Hyde to celebrate their favourite food, and all the places that make them.

Mr Hyde is a company that, among other things, objectivel­y reviews food companies across the UK.

They say, ‘If we say we like a burger place, it’s because we ate there and liked it.’

Burgers were said to be invented in Hamburg, Germany.

Ground beef used to be considered a waste product, the leftovers of the prime cuts that were then sold off on the cheap.

These days premium ground beef is the foundation of one of the world’s most popular foods.

It got its start as a hamburger steak, a popular dish served with multiple variations, but one day it found its way onto a bun, with cheese and bacon, and has never looked back.

Burger Day is your opportunit­y (excuse?) to indulge in as many of these delicious concoction­s as you desire!

How to celebrate Burger Day

Celebratin­g Burger Day is one of the easiest, most entertaini­ng, and absolutely delicious celebratio­ns we can imagine. You eat burgers. Yes, that simple! Enjoy a nice juicy burger as many times as your heart desires, in as many different configurat­ions.

We suggest hosting a great big burger cookout at your house or at friends, where everyone makes their favourite variety with their favourite toppings and introduces it to the group.

Worst case scenario, you meet another burger you absolutely can’t live without, but that’s what Burger Day is all about.

(Source: daysofthey­ear.com)

At the base level, a burger is a piece of meat and a bun with something on it. It’s simple but it seems to make a lot of people happy

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