Aca­demic ex­cel­lence is ac­knowl­edged

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GRANTLEIGH School held its Grade 12 aca­demic awards cer­e­mony last Fri­day be­fore the 2018 class headed off to fo­cus on the ma­tric ex­ams.


• Hill­side Alu­minium Tro­phy for phys­i­cal science - Her­man van Staden.

• TJ Ar­chi­tects Tro­phy for en­gi­neer­ing, graph­ics and de­sign - Daniel Liv­ing­stone.

• Philco Sys­tems Tro­phy for in­for­ma­tion tech­nol­ogy - Matthew Reed.

• Life Ori­en­ta­tion - Tahreef Fran­sch.

• Rhe­bock Tro­phy for ad­vanced pro­gramme math­e­mat­ics - Aaron Har­vey.

• Viviers Shield for life sci­ences - Aaron Har­vey.

• Con­sumer Stud­ies Tro­phy - Amy Har­ri­son.

• Bar­bara de Fortier Tro­phy for ‘Young Lady’ - Amy Har­ri­son.

• Juri­ana Fil­mal­ter Tro­phy for ‘Young Gen­tle­man’ - Gary Tracy.

• An­thony Hut­ton Tro­phy for good fel­low­ship - Mishaelin Naidoo.

• Afi­cionado Tro­phy - Me­shan Gane­san.

• Ser­vice to the school - Ri­cardo Lopo.

• Head­mas­ter’s Shield - Ri­cardo Lopo.

• Lo­erie award - Ri­cardo Lopo.

• PWC Tro­phy for com­merce and math­e­mat­ics - Ri­cardo Lopo.

• Sned­don & Co Tro­phy for ac­count­ing - Ri­cardo Lopo.

• Biddy Wang Tro­phy for dra­matic arts the­ory - Ri­cardo Lopo.

• Wil­son Tro­phy for mu­sic - Ri­cardo Lopo.

• Lau­ren Kirk­wood Joie de Vivre Tro­phy - Sin­disiwe Nkosi.

• New Ad­ven­ture Tro­phy for IsiZulu - Sin­disiwe Nkosi.

• Head­mas­ter’s Shield -

Sin­disiwe Nkosi.

• Viljoen Tro­phy for best per­for­mance in dra­matic arts prac­ti­cal - Ki­maya Pather.

• Jenny McGaw Tro­phy for math­e­mat­i­cal lit­er­acy - JJ Ven­ter.

• Juri­ana Fil­mal­ter Tro­phy for Afrikaans - Marja Harmse.

• Com­puter Ap­pli­ca­tions Tech­nol­ogy Tro­phy - Chi­rag Jee­both.

• Malan Tro­phy for vis­ual arts prac­ti­cal - Joshua Hooper.

• De Lange Tro­phy for vis­ual arts the­ory - Joshua Hooper.

• Jan­ice Hall Tro­phy for English - Reevin Her­mann.

• Busi­ness Part­ners Tro­phy for busi­ness stud­ies - Reevin Her­mann.

• Pa­tri­cia Makins Tro­phy for ge­og­ra­phy - Reevin Her­mann.

• Land­man Tro­phy for con­sumer stud­ies the­ory - Reevin Her­mann.

• Dux - Reevin Her­mann.

All tro­phy win­ners on the day show off their awards

Grantleigh’s Reevin Her­mann was awarded the pres­tigous Dux 2018 Award by Juri­ana Fil­mal­ter and An­drew Nor­ris

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