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Port of Richards Bay September shipping statistics

- Gugu Myeni

THE Port of Richards Bay recorded an increase in the total number of cargo handled during the month of September.

This according to the latest Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) shipping statistics which recorded activity at ports across the country last month.

For Richards Bay, a total of 8 474 595 metric tons (MT) of cargo excluding vehicles was handled, which is an increase from the

7 194 103 MT total cargo handled in August.

The total dry bulk was at 8 127 024 MT in September with exports recording 7 692 180 MT and imports at 410 844 MT.

Liquid bulk experience­d a decline with a total of 179 433 MT in September compared to the 213 099 tons in August. Break bulk also recorded a decline with a total of 168 138 MT.

The port furthermor­e handled a total of six vehicles which were all exports.

Expressed in 6m units (twentyfoot equivalent units), a grand total of 595 containers were handled in September.

Of the 145 vessels, nine were general cargo, 11 were tankers with a total of 275 35910 gross tonnage (GT) with 10 being chemical tankers at 233 663-GT and one oil tanker weighing 41 696.

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