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KZN rabies death of toddler confirmed


THE death of a two-yearold girl from Inanda, Ethekwini from rabies has been confirmed.

She was bitten in the face by a rabid dog last week.

Reports of two confirmed cases of rabid dogs were also received from the Ray Nkonyeni Municipali­ty in Ugu District and one in Inanda in Ethekwini.

One goat, also in the Ray Nkonyeni Municipali­ty, was found rabid in Dumezulu area.

There have once again been calls for those with knowledge to educate those who do not have access to social media and rabies education.

In the event of a bite

If someone is bitten or scratched by any mammal which could have rabies it is important to wash the broken skin with running water and soap for 10 minutes. This needs to be followed by a course of four vaccinatio­ns by a doctor or hospital staff. Do not let a clinic turn you away and insist on speaking to someone who can advise you about vaccinatio­n.

If the clinic does not have vaccine, ask them to find out where the nearest clinic with vaccine is situated.

If you have been bitten you will also need injections of rabies immunoglob­ulin (RIG) into the wound.

You have a right to call an ambulance if needed.

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