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Massive potholes are a hazard

- LIVING IN A SLUM Empangeni

Iwould like your help in regard to the massive potholes directly in front of Empangeni Public Library.

I took my 77-year old aunt to the library and her foot got stuck in one of these potholes and she was close to falling!

Luckily my wife was there to catch her.

I went across to the municipali­ty to report the potholes which are right on their front doorstep, and was given the run-around.

Eventually I was referred to the Department of Transport.

Their reply is that they are only responsibl­e for roads outside of Empangeni, and that the municipali­ty should be the one fixing the potholes.

I think it’s a disgrace that the municipali­ty can’t even fix the potholes right in front of them!

There are a total of nine massive potholes just within the parking area of the library.

This brings me to my next point: All over town the road was dug up to put in pipes and what not.

Absolutely nothing has been done to repair the road.

It just unrealisti­c that in front of Home affairs you have to engage 4x4 to navigate through the ditch in the road.

The sidewalks in the CBD are also a casualty of this pipe laying job.

They were dug up and moved around and then simply covered with dirt - with none of the sidewalk cement blocks replaced to return them to their former state.

This needs our driving force to get the correct people into action - be it the Municipali­ty or whoever else is responsibl­e.

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