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Five killed in horror N2 smash

- Ashley Nel Sibongile Gumede MaNdlazi Chavaugn Lee Gibson Syffert Logan Pillay Sheryl Barratt Hartley Douglas Riggien Lindani Mdletshe Sibonelo Harry

It is people that over take 4 up at one time! This is becoming more ridiculous everyday! I travel on this road often, and have experience­d this situation several times. I’m sick of inconsider­ate drivers that are so impatient and would rather risk others lives to get to their destinatio­n 10mins quicker!

The worst is having our local law enforcemen­t doing this extremely often.

I lost my brother’s son in this tragic scene. Its so terrifying and hurtful.

Condolence­s to you and all the other families who lost loved ones, Sibongile Gumede MaNdlazi

Drivers making U-turns on this stretch of road is very common. There’s also makeshift roads that branch on and off the freeway in the same vicinity. I’m sure the authoritie­s are aware of this!!

Lack of proper law enforcemen­t. People drive with no regard for other road users.

There is no law on the roads any more the drivers doing as they please

Just found out my friend was in that car accident passed away.

I’m profoundly sorry about your loss, chief. My deepest sympathy goes to you and your family during this trying time.

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