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MEC on inspection drive

- Muzi Zincume

KZN MEC for Education, Kwazi Mshengu has vowed to intervene in reducing the number of low performing schools in the province.

Mshengu, who visited King Cetshwayo District on Tuesday, said he was planning to deploy subject advisers at all the schools that perform below par, to enhance the level of teaching and learning.

‘These schools will get a regular visits by circuit inspectors to see how they are being managed.

‘We have discovered that in some cases, teachers are not properly equipped to teach certain subjects.

‘We are also training School Governing Bodies to bring parents closer to the education of their children and assist them with school work,’ he said.

He engaged with local school principals who converged at Empangeni High School, to monitor the progress of the Academic Outreach Programme, aimed at improving the quality of education.

‘Last week we embarked on a programme of visiting all the 12 districts to listen to the challenges faced by teachers in various schools, to have a better understand­ing on the nature of the challenges we have.

‘So far, the report we have received from this district, indicates that we are still on course.

‘We want to implement accountabi­lity and consequent management systems to totally eliminate National Senior Certificat­e ‘zero percent schools’ in KZN. ‘The success of the Academic Improvemen­t Plan depends on the collaborat­ive effort between schools, circuits and districts who need to play their roles in all activities,’ he said. Mshengu added that high impact school monitoring and support, improvemen­t of teacher quality and output, promotion of the culture of reading with comprehens­ion, compliance and consequenc­e management, accountabi­lity as an organisati­onal culture, stakeholde­r consultati­on, engagement and management have been identified as guiders of the outreach programme.

 ??  ?? KZN MEC for Education, Kwazi Mshengu visited the King Cetshwayo District
KZN MEC for Education, Kwazi Mshengu visited the King Cetshwayo District
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