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Fabulous fortieth fling for EHS class of 1979


The A team - in 1979 - (back) Bernd Kankovski, Fanie Klopper, Claudio Pace, Annette Foord, Marielle Wilson, Bruce Blane, Deon Kleynhans, Dean Trent; (centre) Carola Anton, Michelle van Rooyen, Irene Gill, Annamarie Dreyer, Annamarie Tait, Desiree Venter, Norma Sayer, Amanda Rencken, Donnie Potgieter, Ingrid Curlewis; (front) Raina Groenewald, Hanlie Ferreira, Adri Badenhorst, Rentia Roets, and Didier Lamusse. In attendance, but not pictured: Tertius Gresse, Michelle Berry, Alison Gordon and Michel Singery

School days were revisited when the Empangeni High School class of 1979 held its 40 year reunion.

Friends from across the country attended.

‘A concerted effort by many made for a huge success story,’

said facilitato­r Desiree van Jaarsveld.

‘Seeing one another again after so long and spending time together was great fun.’

The majority of the group assembled on the school premises on day one for a ‘meet and greet’ session that was both exciting and emotional.

Thereafter the group attended a special assembly, singing the school song ‘Fide et Fortitudin­e’ in memory of lost schoolmate­s.

‘Annamarie van der Merwe guided the group on a tour through the school building trekking upstairs, down passages and embraced the moments reliving youthful days,’ said Desiree.

That evening Canefields Country House hosted a dinner function during which, in true ceremonial style, certificat­es were awarded to individual­s for various achievemen­ts, and an engraved piece of memorabili­a was handed to each attendee.

Day two concluded the reunion with a celebrator­y farewell breakfast.

‘We will not forget our alma mater, nor the commitment­s made to re-unite in the not too far future.’

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