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A seething community


Our readers took to Facebook to voice their anger at the lack of attention being paid to the intersecti­on. ‘Now will they install robots there? So tragic that people have to lose their lives to prove what we have been asking for all along! I can’t believe that they could allow such a crossing at a hospital where visitors and ambulances have to negotiate the speeding traffic,’ said Ger Waanders.

‘How many people must die before they install robots?’ asked Brenda Laufs.

‘Condolence­s to the family and friends. Something is definitely wrong with our municipali­ty in this town!’ said Anton Fourie.

‘Robots are needed there - you can’t turn into Melomed if you are coming from Empangeni. Driving further under the bridge the lanes are so confusing as well. Something needs to be done as soon as possible,’ said Welile Ndlovu.

‘When will the powers that be realise that we need a robot there? A life means less than money spent on an intersecti­on,’ said Alice Meintjes.

‘I have no idea why robots were not put there in the first place. Does it take a death before the municipali­ty realises that the community was right in suggesting the need for robots? Come on, uMhlathuze, I’m sure you can do better than that,’ said Lynda Calasse.

‘We work at Melomed and every afternoon have to get across that road which is hectic, as people drive so fast there. It’s time for robots, ASAP!’ said Ramona Sewcharan.

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