Zululand Observer - Weekender

Low turnout for K9 parade in the Bay


I WISH to report that the K9 Parade held on 20 July was exactly what I hoped for.

It was lovely and those who attended with their ‘fur kids’ had a wonderful time.

The only negative was that so few people attended the parade.

Considerin­g the number of people who live in Richards Bay, in the upper range of 50 000, there were only about 30 people who made the effort.

This means that only about 30 bags of food were collected.

This is heartbreak­ing as there are so many unwanted pets in shelters that need food and donations from residents.

I hope the next fundraiser will see more attendees, as this allows the shelters to carry on doing the good work they do and feed the animals they have in their care. ANIMAL LOVER

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