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TRAFFIC ALERT: Please note there are delays on the John Ross Parkway following a collision


Lynda Calasse

The ZO actually did a survey regarding robots at that intersecti­on a while back.

I have no idea why robots have not been placed there in the first place. It is such a dangerous part of the road not to have robots. Does it take a death before the road authoritie­s realise that the community was right in suggesting the need for robots? Come on, I’m sure you can do better than that.

Cathren Piovesan

Yes, robots are needed at that intersecti­on, but of what use are they when on a daily basis drivers are skipping red robots? It’s time for the traffic department to get onto the roads and pull over those drivers who break the law and not wait for an accident to happen.# my opinion

Anton Fourie

Very dangerous intersecti­on, drive past there every day and past the accident scene at 18h20 tonight , not a pleasant scene. Condolence­s to the family and friends.

Ramona Sewcharan

This is very sad, we really need robots there. We work at Melomed and every afternoon have to get across that road, which is hectic as people drive so fast there. Time for robots asap

Philani Mzukulu KaMabonoku­nye Hlatshwayo

It is so sad to see something like that. But here in Empangeni, Richards Bay and other places surroundin­g uMhlathuze, drivers are less skilful. A few weeks ago at Empangeni next to McDonalds a taxi and bakkie were involved in an accident while there’s a robot, which means drivers do not know anything about road signs, they only think about themselves

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