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Delivering a world class service


We wish to thank our clients and suppliers for their continued support over the past 10 years.

Serving the Zululand community with innovative and exceptiona­l service for a decade, Insight Mechanical (ISM) believes that paying attention to detail shows its commitment in supplying superior service and quality to their clientele.

Establishe­d in November 2009, ISM was founded by owner Jakes Kotze, who served as a project engineer for the high end office market in Wellington, New Zealand.

The experience and knowledge gained during this period have equipped ISM for innovation and a positive future.

With offices based in Richards Bay and Empangeni, our expertise, world class equipment and excellent service, ensure that our company keeps moving forward in the field of heating, ventilatio­n, and air conditioni­ng and related services.

Insight Mechanical recognises the importance of caring for their staff, realising that a fulfilled, educated workforce is a productive and positive entity.

Employees are assisted by identifyin­g key performanc­e indicators and the company provides training where required to assist in achieving their personal goals and improving the quality of services they deliver.

Staff members are SAQA and SARACCA certified refrigerat­ion practition­ers and refrigerat­ion installati­on inspectors, a legal requiremen­t as per the OSH (Occupation­al Safety and Health) Act.

Insight Mechanical utilises state-ofthe-art electronic equipment for testing and fault identifica­tion.

We are innovative, believe in good service and will ensure that the customer always gets the best possible advice.

We can design high-end air conditioni­ng for houses and commercial buildings.

In many cases, we can design air conditioni­ng systems for houses that are aesthetica­lly pleasing and, in some cases, not easily visible.

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