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Weather downgraded

- Val van der Walt

WHEN VW launched the refreshed Golf R in SA in 2017, they gave us a downtuned version - 213kW instead of the full 228kW which Europe received.

However, in February this year VW decided we can in fact, have the extra power, and started supplying SA with a Golf R which delivered all of the turbocharg­ed 2.0-litre’s capacity.

The reason behind VW’s move has not been revealed.

SA has been declassifi­ed from ‘hot’ to ‘moderate’. Interestin­gly, Australia has also been declassifi­ed from being a ‘hot’ climate to one where VW doesn’t have to worry about engines exploding owing to the heat.

With the Golf 8 on the horizon, VW’s declassifi­cation is good news for hyper hatch enthusiast­s because it means we will probably get the full 8 R and not a Golf R 7.9 and a bit.

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