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Se­ve­ral ti­mes I ha­ve had the ur­ge to wri­te about the ex­hi­bi­tions or­ga­ni­zed by Ga­le­ría Ha­ba­na. Ever sin­ce I set a foot for the first ti­me on the ga­llery, in 2013, I ha­ve al­ways been im­pres­sed by the high le­vel and amount of the ar­tis­tic pro­po­sal it offers. We are tal­king about one of the most sig­ni­fi­cant Cu­ban ga­lle­ries, of in­ter­na­tio­nal pres­ti­ge and with a rich his­tory. The works of great Cu­ban ar­tists such as

Wi­fre­do Lam, Re­né Por­to­ca­rre­ro, Ma­riano Ro­drí­guez and Ame­lia Pe­láez ha­ve been dis­pla­yed at this spa­ce, just to ci­te so­me exam­ples unk­nown to cu­rrent ge­ne­ra­tions. Con­se­cra­ting a ga­llery at the hig­hest pro­fes­sio­nal le­vel for mo­re than sixty years is a ti­ta­nic task. This has been pos­si­ble, to a lar­ge ex­tent, thanks to the wealth of ar­tists of va­rious ge­ne­ra­tions who­se pres­ti­ge ha­ve cre­dit or still cre­dit this ins­ti­tu­tion. Just to men­tion a few: Ro­ber­to

Fa­be­lo, Ma­nuel Men­di­ve, Car­los Ga­rai­coa, Los Car­pin­te­ros, Ro­ber­to Dia­go, Yoán Ca­po­te and his brot­her Iván, all en­gen­de­red by the ar­tis­tic tea­ching of our na­tion.

The­re are many ar­tists to men­tion, but this is not the ob­jec­ti­ve of this hu­rried re­view of the his­tory of our flags­hip ga­llery. Rat­her it is the pre­text that I ha­ve found to in­qui­re about the sam­ple Ra­ra Avis, by Hum­ber­to Díaz.

When Kirk Douglas pla­yed the ro­le of ra­cing dri­ver Gino Bor­ge­sa in the mo­vie “The Ra­cers” (1955), he en­te­red the mo­tor world fas­ter than his cha­rac­ter in the Mon­te Car­lo Rally. And alt­hough it is a ro­man­tic dra­ma, it brings in lo­vers of the mo­tor world be­cau­se in the film he dri­ves the car of the es­ta­blis­hed pi­lot Stir­ling Moss. Kirk Douglas was al­ways very ac­ti­ve. He in­ves­ted part of his for­tu­ne in cha­rity acts, wro­te books in­clu­ding his own bio­graphy (“The Son of the Rag­pic­ker”). He was a car lo­ver. We al­ready said that in his mo­vie “The Ra­cers” he dri­ves the first car, which fa­mous En­glish For­mu­la 1 ra­cer Stir­ling Moss dro­ve.

The film tells how car ra­cer Gino Bor­ge­sa (Kirk Douglas), du­ring his prac­ti­ces be­fo­re ra­cing in the Mon­te Car­lo Rally, had an ac­ci­dent as a re­sult of avoi­ding run­ning over a dog. With this ac­ci­dent, his car is des­tro­yed along with his illu­sion for ra­cing. And then Nicole (Be­lla Dar­vi), the ow­ner of the dog, shows up and pro­mi­ses Gino anot­her car. And in the pro­cess of loo­king for the right vehi­cle, lo­ve flou­ris­hes.

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