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Ford’s arri­val in the mid-1970s mar­ked the Spa­nish au­to­mo­ti­ve in­dustry’s entry in­to the mo­dern age. The US au­to­ma­ker brought with it the qua­lity, pro­ce­du­ral and supply cri­te­ria that ga­ve the bur­geo­ning local au­to­mo­ti­ve ba­se the im­pe­tus to en­ter a new de­ve­lop­men­tal sta­ge. In Oc­to­ber 1976, ma­nu­fac­tu­re star­ted of a mo­del (at the ti­me, sha­red with ot­her plants) that Ford in­ten­ded to con­quer the Old World. Four de­ca­des la­ter, the Al­mus­sa­fes factory has pro­gres­sed from ma­king a high-vo­lu­me hatch­back to buil­ding se­lect pro­ducts li­ke the Vig­na­le ran­ge, which has re­cently wel­co­med a new mem­ber — the Ku­ga — to its sta­ble. This vehi­cle forms part of a six-mo­del mix that the factory has stea­dily ex­pan­ded over the last few years, in doing so de­mons­tra­ting a so­me­ti­mes all-but-inex­pli­ca­ble de­gree of fle­xi­bi­lity. Around the factory, the Va­len­cian supply ba­se — which un­de­niably owes a lot to Ford — is de­mons­tra­ting, par­ti­cu­larly th­rough its SMEs, that its ca­pa­city to put new pro­jects in­to prac­ti­ce ex­tends well be­yond its local en­vi­ron­ment. Se­ve­ral exam­ples of dif­fe­ren­tia­ted de­ve­lop­ment ha­ve emer­ged in re­cent years among firms ba­sed in this au­to­no­mous com­mu­nity. Va­len­cia is set to re­main a sour­ce of in­dustry good news well in­to the me­dium term.

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