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AIMPLAS has wor­ked with au­to­mo­ti­ve and trans­port sec­tor com­pa­nies to en­han­ce the pro­per­ties of plas­tics used in vehicles and to im­pro­ve the pro­ces­ses em­plo­yed to make them. In ad­di­tion, AIMPLAS has par­ti­ci­pa­ted in va­rious pro­jects with a strong fo­cus on en­vi­ron­men­tal issues, wor­king to­wards cut­ting vehi­cle weight, rai­sing use of bio­ma­te­rials and im­ple­men­ting new tech­no­lo­gies with a view to

De­ve­lo­ping and en­han­cing poly­mers:

Ma­te­rials from re­ne­wa­ble sour­ces. Na­no­com­po­si­tes and na­no­par­ti­cle fun­ctio­na­li­sa­tion. Fi­re-re­sis­tant and smo­ke-sup­pres­sing ma­te­rials. Im­pro­ve­ments to tra­di­tio­nal ma­te­rials’ pro­per­ties.

Im­pro­ving pro­ces­sing:

Blend dis­per­sion and rheo­logy. Thermoplastic and con­ti­nuous fi­bre pro­ces­sing. Ad­van­ced com­po­si­te-cu­ring sys­tems.

De­ve­lo­ping new pro­ducts:

Mul­ti­fun­ctio­nal struc­tu­res. Pro­ducts ba­sed on recy­cled ma­te­rials and bio­com­po­si­tes.

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