Po­li­sol, ga­ran­tía en pro­tec­ción in­dus­trial

Po­li­sol, a gua­ran­tee of in­dus­trial pro­tec­tion

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Po­li­sol, es­pe­cia­li­za­da en el su­mi­nis­tro de so­lu­cio­nes de pro­tec­ción y en­mas­ca­ra­do in­dus­trial co­mo ta­po­nes, cap­su­las o ta­pas, en­tre otros, par­ti­ci­pó en Me­ta­lMa­drid por cuar­ta vez con­se­cu­ti­va co­mo ex­po­si­tor. Es vi­si­tan­te asi­duo des­de su pri­me­ra edi­ción, ya que se tra­ta de una com­pa­ñía que, aun­que per­te­ne­ce al sec­tor del plás­ti­co, cuen­ta con di­ver­sos clien­tes que per­te­ne­cen bá­si­ca­men­te a los sec­to­res del me­tal y de au­to­mo­ción. “En­fo­ca­mos siem­pre nues­tra par­ti­ci­pa­ción en es­ta fe­ria mos­tran­do fí­si­ca­men­te un sur­ti­do de nues­tros pro­duc­tos plás­ti­cos de pro­tec­ción y apro­ve­cha­mos pa­ra sa­lu­dar a un buen nú­me­ro de clien­tes ac­tua­les que te­ne­mos por la zo­na Cen­tro y Le­van­te”, in­di­can des­de la com­pa­ñía. “Es­te año he­mos po­di­do co­no­cer a nue­vos po­ten­cia­les clien­tes que nos han ve­ni­do a vi­si­tar y a los que en­tre­ga­mos mues­tras de­mos­tra­ti­vas. La va­lo­ra­ción co­mo en años an­te­rio­res es po­si­ti­va”. “Nues­tro pro­duc­to en sí, co­mo tal”, con­ti­núan, “no es que sea no­ve­do­so, ya que ma­yo­ri­ta­ria­men­te son pie­zas plás­ti­cas re­la­ti­va­men­te es­tan­da­ri­za­das co­mo ta­po­nes y ca­pu­cho­nes. Sin em­bar­go, lo real­men­te no­ve­do­so son las apli­ca­cio­nes que cons­tan­te­men­te desa­rro­lla­mos con­jun­ta­men­te con nues­tros clien­tes pa­ra la pro­tec­ción es­pe­cí­fi­ca de sus pie­zas. Ca­da vez que un clien­te se acer­ca a nues­tro stand, an­te to­do le pre­gun­ta­mos qué ti­po de pie­zas fa­bri­ca o en­sam­bla pa­ra po­der trans­mi­tir­le ejem­plos con­cre­tos de apli­ca­cio­nes que pue­den en­ca­jar en su pro­ce­so, siem­pre fa­ci­li­tan­do al­gu­na mues­tra fí­si­ca de pro­duc­to pa­ra po­der pro­bar­la en su fá­bri­ca”. Res­pec­to a par­ti­ci­pa­cio­nes fu­tu­ras en la fe­ria, Po­li­sol vol­ve­rá, aun­que los úl­ti­mos cam­bios de ges­tión del cer­ta­men no ha­yan si­do de su com­ple­to agra­do. “Mien­tras se man­ten­ga el for­ma­to de fe­ria ac­tual y si­ga­mos no­tan­do una no­ta­ble afluen­cia de vi­si­tan­tes a nues­tro stand, en fu­tu­ros años te­ne­mos pre­vis­to re­pe­tir”. Po­li­sol, a spe­cia­list in the supply of in­dus­trial mas­king and pro­tec­ti­ve so­lu­tions as well as caps, cap­su­les and stop­pers, among ot­hers, par­ti­ci­pa­ted in Me­ta­lMa­drid for the fourth year run­ning as an ex­hi­bi­tor. The com­pany has been a re­gu­lar vi­si­tor sin­ce the first edi­tion, as alt­hough the com­pany be­longs to the plas­tics sec­tor, it has a di­ver­se array of clients that be­long to me­tal and au­to­mo­ti­ve sec­tors. “We al­ways fo­cus our par­ti­ci­pa­tion in the fair with sam­ples of a se­lec­tion of our pro­tec­ti­ve plas­tic pro­ducts and we ta­ke the chan­ce to greet a lar­ge num­ber of cu­rrent clients ba­sed in cen­tral and eas­tern parts of the country”, says the com­pany. “This year we we­re able to meet new po­ten­tial clients who ca­me to vi­sit us and tho­se to whom we ga­ve sam­ples. Much like pre­vious years it has been a po­si­ti­ve ex­pe­rien­ce. Our pro­duct in it­self is not new, as they con­sist mostly of re­la­ti­vely stan­dar­di­sed plas­tic parts such as stop­pers and caps. Ne­vert­he­less, what is new are the ap­pli­ca­tions that we cons­tantly de­ve­lop along­si­de our clients for the spe­ci­fic pro­tec­tion of parts. Whe­ne­ver a client co­mes to our stand, first of all we ask them what ty­pe of parts they ma­nu­fac­tu­re or as­sem­ble in or­der to pro­vi­de them with con­cre­te exam­ples of ap­pli­ca­tions that could fit in­to their pro­cess. We al­ways pro­vi­de them with a sam­ple of the pro­duct so they can test it out in their fac­tory”. In res­pect to fu­tu­re par­ti­ci­pa­tion in the fair, Po­li­sol will re­turn, alt­hough re­cent chan­ges in the ma­na­ge­ment of the fair ha­ve not been com­ple­tely to their li­king. “As long as the fair’s cu­rrent for­mat is main­tai­ned and we con­ti­nue to re­cei­ve a lar­ge num­ber of vi­si­tors at our stand, we plan to co­me back for forth­co­ming edi­tions”.

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