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ZEISS sys­tems strengt­hen the com­pe­ti­ti­ve­ness of TCG UNI­TECH

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Au­to­mo­ti­ve sup­plier TCG UNI­TECH went from being just one of many die cas­ting com­pa­nies to an in­dustry lea­der in just a few years. To re­main com­pe­ti­ti­ve, the Ma­na­ging Di­rec­tors at the head­quar­ters in Kirch­dorf, Aus­tria de­ci­ded to add a ZEISS com­pu­ter to­mo­graph to their exis­ting sys­tem fleet com­pri­sing 16 ZEISS coor­di­na­te mea­su­ring ma­chi­nes and two ZEISS mi­cros­co­pes.

Of­fi­cer at TCG, ex­plai­ned to com­pany ma­na­ge­ment why the in­vest­ment in a com­pu­ter to­mo­graph would pay off for the cas­ting com­pany. The en­gi­neer‘s cal­cu­la­tions won out, and a ZEISS ME­TRO­TOM 1500 has been in use right next to the pro­duc­tion li­ne at the Kirch­dorf si­te sin­ce 2016. What is the grea­test be­ne­fit of the sys­tem ac­cor­ding to David Dem­mel­mair, Head of Qua­lity Ma­na­ge­ment at TCG and Klaf­fen­böck? “We can now de­ter­mi­ne whet­her the po­ro­si­ties de­tec­ted are air poc­kets or sh­rin­ka­ge very quickly and, most im­por­tantly, re­liably”, says Klaf­fen­böck. Thanks to the ZEISS ME­TRO­TOM 1500, TCG can now com­bi­ne po­ten­tial chan­ges to the com­po­nent di­rectly with die cas­ting pro­cess pa­ra­me­ters and ta­ke tar­ge­ted coun­ter­mea­su­res if the­re are errors. Yet pro­cess op­ti­mi­za­tion is not the only ad­van­ta­ge of this CT scan­ner: now qua­lity ma­na­gers no lon­ger ha­ve to per­form ad­di­tio­nal mea­su­re­ments with ot­her ma­chi­nes. “Ins­tead of four qua­lity-as­su­ran­ce ins­pec­tions, we just mea­su­re on­ce on the ZEISS ME­TRO­TOM”, re­ports Klaf­fen­böck. The par­ti­cu­lar lo­ca­tions on the com­po­nents we­re ground down and then analy­zed un­der a mi- CT scan­ner for re­lia­ble re­sults Over two years ago, Re­ne Klaf­fen­böck, Head of the Lab team and En­vi­ron­men­tal

cros­co­pe, a pro­cess that took se­ve­ral hours un­der the best con­di­tions. Meanw­hi­le, ot­her po­ten­tially de­fec­ti­ve parts we­re still being pro­du­ced. Klaf­fen­böck knows that this is all a real ti­me sa­ver. And that is not all: with new or­ders, anot­her ad­van­ta­ge of the CT scan­ner has co­me in­to play. “For new parts or sam­pling, we now re­cei­ve a com­ple­te, de­tai­led ima­ge, and tool co­rrec­tion is fast and ef­fi­cient with ZEISS Re­ver­se En­gi­nee­ring

soft­wa­re,” says Dem­mel­mair. Mo­reo­ver, cus­to­mers ha­ve co­rro­bo­ra­ted the pro­mi­sing initial re­sults at TCG. “This has sped up ap­pro­val for batch pro­duc­tion,” says Dem­mel­mair. Fi­nally, Dem­mel­mair and Klaf­fen­böck ex­pect that com­pu­ted to­mo­graphy will sa­ve au­to­mo­ti­ve sup­pliers both ti­me and mo­ney. Ho­we­ver, the in­tro­duc­tion of the CT scan­ner has hardly ma­de the com­pany‘s coor­di­na­te mea­su­ring ma­chi­nes (CMMs) su­per­fluous. “They are still an in­dis­pen­sa­ble part of the qua­lity as­su­ran­ce pro­cess for ma­chi­ned, ready-to-ins­tall parts,” says Dem­mel­mair. Ahead of the com­pe­ti­tion Dem­mel­mair and Klaf­fen­böck are brin­ging their CT know-how to the CT Real re­search pro­ject hea­ded by the Aus­trian Gieße­rei-Ins­ti­tut. One of the key pro­ject‘s fo­cal points is on de­ve­lo­ping a stan­dard for the re­lia­ble mea­su­re­ment of die cast parts with a com­pu­ter to­mo­graph. Klaf­fen­böck illus­tra­tes by just how much his com­pany is lea­ding the way in terms of ex­per­ti­se. Re­du­cing the mea­su­ring ti­mes with the CT scan­ner is at the top of his to-do list. “This is a cha­llen­ge we can only tac­kle with ZEISS’s as­sis­tan­ce,” says Klaf­fen­böck, who is as ent­hu­sias­tic about the part­ners­hip with the op­tics com­pany as Dem­mel­mair. All 16 coor­di­na­te mea­su­ring ma­chi­nes and the two mi­cros­co­pes are ZEISS sys­tems, as are the sty­li and the tem­pe­ra­tu­re mo­ni­to­ring sys­tem, ZEISS TEMPAR. Bund­ling ZEISS ex­per­ti­se has re­sul­ted in outs­tan­ding sy­ner­gies. Thus we can use the mea­su­ring pro­grams writ­ten in CALY­PSO for the

vir­tual ins­pec­tion of the cha­rac­te­ris­tics from the vo­lu­me mo­dels crea­ted with the ZEISS ME­TRO­TOM with only mi­ni­mal ad­just­ments.

One of the key pro­ject‘s fo­cal points is on de­ve­lo­ping a stan­dard for the re­lia­ble mea­su­re­ment of die cast parts with a com­pu­ter to­mo­graph

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