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Costa Blanca Dog Homing

- By Irena Bodnarec

BRITISH expats have a real soft spot when it comes to animals which is just as well because here in Spain there is a real issue with abandoned ones, especially dogs.

With the economic crisis deepening, people are finding it harder to make ends meet and sadly, pets are often the ones that shoulder the brunt by being abandoned. There are many heartbreak­ing stories and dog pounds are often overflowin­g.

A number of groups have been set up on social media to try and help rehome and Costa Blanca Dog Homing is one making a real difference.

Set up seven years ago it is a sharing platform with around 48,000 members where many rescue organisati­ons across Spain post dogs that are in desperate need of a new forever home – either in pounds, shelters or foster homes.

On average they manage to rehome around 1,600 dogs each year, quite a feat for the 6 admins that manage the Facebook page.

As well as going to a number of European countries they also end up as far afield as the USA – an incredible achievemen­t! Costa Blanca Dog Homing also helps rescue organisati­ons with vet costs for sick and injured dogs which have come into their care.

They assist with the cost of obtaining pet passports, vaccinatio­ns and the transport costs but also run their own 5* DEFRA registered transport network.

For those that are maybe thinking of adding a dog to their family, take a look at the Costa Blanca Dog Homing Facebook page.

There are so many different breeds, not only older dogs but puppies too, just pleading for a second opportunit­y. Sadly, in all likelihood there will be even more in the New Year once the excitement of a new dog for Christmas wears off !

As the weather turns and gets colder, they welcome blankets, baskets, beds and food as well as any donations which will help with the mounting costs of rehoming.

They have set up a Christmas Euro Appeal via Paypal – go to: costablanc­ and mark for Christmas dogs or contact them via the Facebook page if you would like to make a donation by bank transfer.

A euro isn’t even the price of a cup of coffee, yet could make a real difference to some of those dogs.

Costa Blanca Dog Homing were one of the main fundraiser­s that allowed Mary's owners (story above) to collect sufficient funds to give her a 'normal dog's life'.

They feature Mary daily on the Facebook page and rallied to get funds in - more the 50% of the required final figure for the operation came via Costa Blanca Dog Homing - thanks from all at Costa Blanca News!

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