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I sup­pose it was in­evitable that the cold weather would hit us even­tu­ally. AEMET – Spain’s me­te­o­ro­log­i­cal agency is­sued a cold weather warn­ing at the be­gin­ning of the week, telling us all to ex­pect a cold snap with tem­per­a­tures drop­ping to sin­gle fig­ures along the coast and even into mi­nus fig­ures in­land!

Good­ness, at this rate we’ll be need­ing to in­vest in an­tifreeze for the car. I re­alise that some places here in Spain such as Madrid and Granada def­i­nitely do need it any­way, with snow the norm there. Even up in Guadalest, a mere 30 odd kilo­me­tres in­land but not in the likes of Benidorm or Al­bir.

I re­mem­ber laugh­ing some years ago when the new Dealz opened at the Ma­rina Cen­tre, re­named from Pound­land over here and all the stock came from the UK, which in­cluded wind­screen scrap­pers and de-icer and won­der­ing who on earth would be buy­ing those… how­ever I’d like to re­mind you that it did open in June!

When peo­ple first move here the win­ters feel pos­i­tively mild, but over the years you tend to ac­cli­ma­tise and be­come ac­cus­tomed to a new cli­mate. It’s cer­tainly easy to spot the hol­i­day­mak­ers.

Only this week I was out wrapped up in a coat yet passed some in san­dals and shorts! Yes, shorts and they didn’t even ap­pear to regis­ter that although the sun may have been out it didn’t ac­tu­ally mean it was shorts weather! I think my puz­zled shocked ex­pres­sion must have con­cerned them as one gent asked me “al­right luv” to which I replied “aren’t you a lit­tle chilly dressed like that”. His re­ply was “com­pared to where I come from this is like sum­mer”. I couldn’t quite grasp the broad ac­cent, but it was north­ern. Enough said – they are a hardy bunch.

Many many years ago I was on hol­i­day in Ja­maica over Christ­mas with my hus­band. I vividly re­mem­ber it must have been ‘hot’ as we were in shorts yet walk­ing past us were ladies wear­ing fur coats – yes real fur! That wasn’t what shocked me – the fact that it was real fur, just that they felt it was cold enough. But my hus­band ex­plained that to them it was a good 20 de­gree drop in tem­per­a­ture so for them it was in­deed cold. Putting it that way from an av­er­age of say 24 de­gree here then drop­ping to just 4 de­grees would mean a def­i­nite change of out­fit for me too.

Vis­i­tors seem sur­prised that we have cen­tral heat­ing here, be­liev­ing that we have year round sun­shine and warmth. Yes, we have the sun­shine, most days that is and be­hind glass its de­light­ful. Even for a few hours in the mid­dle of the day its pretty de­cent, but come say 4pm and good­ness you can feel the drop and a chill de­scend­ing. Christ­mas and New Year is al­ways glo­ri­ous here, which was ev­i­dent over the last cou­ple of weeks, with peo­ple even in the sea. But the cold­est is yet to come.

I gen­er­ally ad­vise vis­i­tors to stay away in Fe­bru­ary as it’s our cold­est month and on the whole, they are com­ing here for some respite from the bit­ter and de­press­ing wet cold Bri­tish weather.

They cer­tainly don’t want the same when they come here although on the whole we do have mostly sunny days even if it is chilly. There is noth­ing nicer than wak­ing up and be­ing greeted by a blue sky in the morn­ing – it in­stantly puts a pos­i­tive per­spec­tive on ev­ery­thing, well for me at least.

On my last trip back to the UK, wak­ing up to grey over­cast skies with driz­zle made me feel rather de­pressed and bad tem­pered.

Maybe I have sea­sonal af­fec­tive dis­or­der (SAD) oth­er­wise often re­ferred to as win­ter de­pres­sion. But I was in Lon­don where on the whole the weather is bet­ter than in other parts of the coun­try, good­ness knows how they cope up in the likes Scot­land and York­shire.

When it’s nice they are beau­ti­ful but oth­er­wise… I am def­i­nitely a warm sunny weather per­son and look­ing at how many oth­ers chose to come and live here for the cli­mate, re­alise I am not alone.

Only around 16 weeks till the flip flops, sun loungers and bbq’s come back out.

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