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Allen A (1994) Use of su­pra­cres­tal en­ve­lo­pe in soft tis­sue graf­ting­for root­co­ve­ra­ge. I. Ra­tio­na­le and tech­ni­que. In­ter­na­tio­nal Jour­nal Pe­rio­don­tics Res­to­ra­ti­ve Dent­tistry 14, 217-28 Cai­ro F, Pa­glia­ro U, &Nie­ri M (2008) Treat­ment of gin­gi­val re­ces­sion with co­ro­naly ad­van­ced flap pro­ce­du­res: a sys­te­ma­tic re­view. Jour­nal of Cli­ni­cal Pe­rio­don­to­logy 35 (8 Supl.), 136- 62. Cai­ro F, Nie­ri M, Cin­ci­ne­lli S, Mer­velt J, &Pa­glia­ro U (2011) The in­ter­pro­xi­mal cli­ni­cal at­tach­ment le­vel to clas­sify gin­gi­val re­ces­sions and pre­dict root co­ve­ra­ge out­co­mes: an ex­plo­ra­ti­ve and re­lia­bi­lity study. Jour­nal of Cli­ni­cal Pe­rio­don­to­logy 38, 661- 666 Cor­te­lli­ni P, To­net­ti M, Bal­di C, Fran­cet­ti L, Ras­pe­ri­ni G, Ro­tun­do R, Nie­ri M, Fran­ces­chi D, La­brio­la A, Pi­ni Pra­to G.(2009) Does pla­ce­ment of a con­nec­ti­ve tis­sue graft im­pro­ve the out­co­mes of co­ro­nally ad­van­ced flap for co­ve­ra­ge of sin­gle gin­gi­val re­ces­sions in up­per an­te­rior teeth? A mul­ti- cen­tre, ran­do­mi­zed, dou­ble- blind, cli­ni­cal trial. Jour­nal of Cli­ni­cal Pe­rio­don­to­logy 36: 68-79 Cham­bro­ne L, Pan­nu­ti CM, Tu YK &Cham­bro­ne LA (2012). Evi­den­ce- ba­sed pe­rio­don­tal plas­tic sur­gery. II. An in­di­vi­dual da­ta me­ta-analy­sis for eva­lua­ting fac­tors in achie­ving com­ple­te root co­ve­ra­ge. Jour­nal of Pe­rio­don­to­logy 83 (4), 477- 90. Ker­ner S, Borg­het­ti A, Kat­sahian S, Etien­ne D, Ma­let J, Mora F, Mon­net- Cor­ti V, Gli­se J- M, Bou­chard P(2008). A re­tros­pec­ti­ve study of root co­ve­ra­ge pro­ce­du­res using an ima­ge analy­sis sys­tem. Jour­nal of Cli­ni­cal Pe­rio­don­to­logy 35: 346-355 Heitz- May­field L, Schäl­tz­le M, Löe H, Bür­gin W, Ane­rud A, Boy­sen H, Lang NP. (2003). Cli­ni­cal cour­se of chro­nic pe­rio­don­ti­tis II. In­ci­den­ce, cha­rac­te­ris­tics and ti­me of oc­cu­rren­ce of the initial pe­rio­don­tal le­sion. Jour­nal of Cli­ni­cal Pe­rio­don­to­logy 30:902- 908 Mi­ller PD Jr (1985). A clas­si­fi­ca­tion of mar­gi­nal tis­sue re­ces­sion. In­ter­na­tio­nal Jour­nal of Pe­rio­don­tics and Res­to­ra­ti­ve Den­tistry 5 (2), 8-13 Nie­ri, M., Ro­tun­do,R., Fran­ces­chi, D., Cai­ro, F., Cor­te­lli­ni, P., Pi­niP­ra­to, G., (2009).Fac­tors Af­fec­ting the Out­co­me of the Co­ro­nally Ad­van­ced Flap Pro­ce­du­re: A Ba­ye­sian Net­work Analy­sis. Jour­nal of Pe­rio­don­to­logy 80, 405- 410 Roc­cuz­zo M, Bu­nino M, Need­le­man I, Sanz M (2002). Pe­rio­don­tal plas­tic sur­gery for treat­ment of lo­ca­li­zed gin­gi­val re­ces­sions: a sys­te­ma­tic re­view. Jour­nal of Cli­ni­cal Pe­rio­don­to­logy 29 Supl. 3, 178- 94 Sar­fa­ti A, Bour­geo­is D, Kat­sahian S, Mora F and Bou­chard P.(2010)Risk As­sess­ment for Buc­cal Gin­gi­val Re­ces­sion De­fects in an Adult Po­pu­la­tion. Jour­nal of Cli­ni­cal Pe­rio­don­to­logy 81: 1419-25 Se­rino G, Wenns­tröm JL, Lind­he J, Ene­roth L (1994). The pre­va­len­ce and dis­tri­bu­tion of gin­gi­val re­ces­sion in sub­jects with a high stan­dard of oral hy­gie­ne. Jour­nal of Cli­ni­cal Pe­rio­don­to­logy 21 (1), 57- 63. Zaher C-A, Ha­chem J, Puham MA, Mom­be­lli A. (2005) In­te­rest in pe­rio­don­to­logy and pre­fe­ren­ces for treat­ment of lo­ca­li­zed gin­gi­val re­ces­sions. A sur­vey among Swiss den­tists. Jour­nal of Cli­ni­cal Pe­rio­don­to­logy 32: 375-382 Za­ba­le­gui I, Si­ci­lia A, Cam­bra J, Gil J, Sanz M (1999) Treat­ment of mul­ti­ple ad­ja­cent gin­gi­val re­ces­sions with the tun­nel subepit­he­lial con­nec­ti­ve tis­sue graft: a cli­ni­cal re­port. In­ter­na­tio­nal Jour­nal Pe­rio­don­tics Res­to­ra­ti­ve Dent­tistry 19 (2): 199-206 Zuc­che­lli G, De San­ctis M. (2000) Treat­ment of mul­ti­ple re­ces­sion-ty­pe de­fects in pa­tients with est­he­tic de­mands. Jour­nal of Cli­ni­cal Pe­rio­don­to­logy 71: 01506-1514 Zuc­che­lli G, Mouns­sif I, Maz­zot­ti C, Ste­fa­ni­ni M, Mar­za­do­ri M, Pe­trac­ci E, Mon­te­bug­no­li,L. (2014) Co­ro­nally ad­van­ced flap with and wit­hout con­nec­ti­ve tis­sue graft for the treat­ment of mul­ti­ple gin­gi­val re­ces­sions: a com­pa­ra­ti­ve short- and long term con­tro­lled ram­do­mi­ced cli­ni­cal trial. Jour­nal of Cli­ni­cal Pe­rio­don­to­logy 41: 396- 403.

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