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The be­ne­fits and risks of im­me­dia­te im­plant pla­ce­ment ha­ve been wi­dely dis­cus­sed in re­cent years. The pre­sen­ce of bo­ne de­fects in the ves­ti­bu­lar cor­tex is a fre­quent cli­ni­cal con­di­tion and one of the key fac­tors for achie­ving good pe­ri-im­plant aest­he­tics. The pur­po­se of this ar­ti­cle is to cli­ni­cally and ra­dio­grap­hi­cally illus­tra­te the cli­ni­cal ca­se of an im­me­dia­te im­plant in an al­veo­lus that pre­sents an ex­ten­si­ve de­fect of the ves­ti­bu­lar cor­ti­cal and to des­cri­be the sur­gi­cal tech­ni­que for bo­ne re­cons­truc­tion of the al­veo­lus using bio­ma­te­rials and im­me­dia­te tem­po­ri­sa­tion.

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