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1. Mo­ras­chi­ni V, Pou­bel LA, Fe­rrei­ra VF, Bar­bo­za Edos S. Eva­lua­tion of sur­vi­val and suc­cess ra­tes of den­tal im­plants re­por­ted in lon­gi­tu­di­nal stu­dies with a fo­llow-up pe­riod of at least 10 years: a sys­te­ma­tic re­view. Int J Oral Ma­xi­llo­fac Surg. 2015;44(3):377-88. 2. Chap­puis V, Araujo MG, Bu­ser D. Cli­ni­cal re­le­van­ce of di­men­sio­nal bo­ne and soft tis­sue al­te­ra­tions post-ex­trac­tion in est­he­tic si­tes. Pe­rio­don­tol 2000. 2017;73(1):73-83. 3. Araujo MG, Lind­he J. Di­men­sio­nal rid­ge al­te­ra­tions fo­llo­wing tooth ex­trac­tion. An ex­pe­ri­men­tal study in the dog. J Clin Pe­rio­don­tol. 2005;32(2):212-8. 4. Schropp L, Wen­zel A, Kos­to­po­ulos L, Ka­rring T. Bo­ne hea­ling and soft tis­sue con­tour chan­ges fo­llo­wing sin­gle-tooth ex­trac­tion: a cli­ni­cal and ra­dio­grap­hic 12-month pros­pec­ti­ve study. The In­ter­na­tio­nal jour­nal of pe­rio­don­tics & res­to­ra­ti­ve den­tistry. 2003;23(4):313-23. 5. 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The con­ti­nuing re­duc­tion of the re­si­dual al­veo­lar rid­ges in com­ple­te den­tu­re wea­rers: a mi­xed-lon­gi­tu­di­nal study co­ve­ring 25 years. 1972. J Prost­het Dent. 2003;89(5):427-35. 10. Be­nic GI, Ham­mer­le CH. Ho­ri­zon­tal bo­ne aug­men­ta­tion by means of gui­ded bo­ne re­ge­ne­ra­tion. Pe­rio­don­tol 2000. 2014;66(1):13-40. 11. Feich­tin­ger M, Gaggl A, Schul­tes G, Kar­cher H. Eva­lua­tion of dis­trac­tion im­plants for prost­he­tic treat­ment af­ter ver­ti­cal al­veo­lar rid­ge dis­trac­tion: a cli­ni­cal in­ves­ti­ga­tion. Int J Prost­ho­dont. 2003;16(1):19-24. 12. Es­po­si­to M, Gru­so­vin MG, Achi­lle H, Coult­hard P, Wort­hing­ton HV. In­ter­ven­tions for re­pla­cing missing teeth: dif­fe­rent ti­mes for loa­ding den­tal im­plants. Co­chra­ne Da­ta­ba­se Syst Rev. 2009(1):CD003878. 13. Si­mion M, Jo­va­no­vic SA, Tin­ti C, Ben­fe­na­ti SP. 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Hal­pe­rin-Stern­feld M, Zig­don-Gi­la­di H, Mach­tei EE. The as­so­cia­tion bet­ween sha­llow ves­ti­bu­lar depth and pe­ri-im­plant pa­ra­me­ters: a re­tros­pec­ti­ve 6 years lon­gi­tu­di­nal study. J Clin Pe­rio­don­tol. 2016;43(3):305-10. 38. To­net­ti MS, Ham­mer­le CH, Eu­ro­pean Works­hop on Pe­rio­don­to­logy Group C. Ad­van­ces in bo­ne aug­men­ta­tion to enable den­tal im­plant pla­ce­ment: Con­sen­sus Re­port of the Sixth Eu­ro­pean Works­hop on Pe­rio­don­to­logy. J Clin Pe­rio­don­tol. 2008;35(8 Suppl):168-72. 39. Si­mion M, Dah­lin C, Roc­chiet­ta I, Sta­vro­pou­los A, San­chez R, Ka­rring T. Ver­ti­cal rid­ge aug­men­ta­tion with gui­ded bo­ne re­ge­ne­ra­tion in as­so­cia­tion with den­tal im­plants: an ex­pe­ri­men­tal study in dogs. Cli­ni­cal oral im­plants re­search. 2007;18(1):86-94. 40. Fon­ta­na F, Mas­che­ra E, Roc­chiet­ta I, Si­mion M. 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