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The goal is self-sufficienc­y Bio­mass can co­ver the country’s energy de­mand for the last 28 days of the year, up by 0.9 from 2017. Javier Díaz, pre­si­dent of Ave­biom, be­lie­ves that “Spain should ha­ve ma­de mo­re pro­gress, but the­re is a lack of go­vern­ment sup­port”.

Spain ce­le­bra­ted Na­tio­nal Bioenergy Day on De­cem­ber 3, which al­so mar­ked the start of the pe­riod in which bio­mass will co­ver the country’s energy de­mand un­til the end of the year.

The­re­fo­re, Spain will rely on bio­mass for the next 28 days, si­mi­lar to last year, and as a re­sult, it drops to the 25th spot in the Eu­ro­pean ran­king, now behind Gree­ce and Bel­gium, ac­cor­ding to Bioenergy Eu­ro­pe.

The pre­si­dent of the Spa­nish As­so­cia­tion for Energy Re­co­very from Bio­mass (Aver­biom) Javier Díaz be­lie­ves this is a set­back, as it re­pre­sents a pro­gress by just 0.9 days, far from the four­day ad­van­ce ma­de by ot­her

Eu­ro­pean na­tions with si­mi­lar or less potential. “Spain should ha­ve pro­gres­sed mo­re, but the lack of de­ci­si­ve sup­port from the ad­mi­nis­tra­tions sta­lled this pro­gress.”

Diaz ca­lled on the Spa­nish go­vern­ment to “ta­ke ur­gent

mea­su­res if it wants to meet the Eu­ro­pean ob­jec­ti­ves to re­du­ce de­pen­den­ce on highly po­llu­ting fos­sil fuels that rat­her tilt our na­tio­nal ba­lan­ce of pay­ments sin­ce they are not en­do­ge­nous re­sour­ces, as is the ca­se with bio­mass.”

The Eu­ro­pean Union set the tar­get of re­du­cing GHG emis­sions by 80 per­cent in 2050, com­pa­red with 1990 le­vels, and re­cently ap­pro­ved an in­crea­se of the re­ne­wa­ble sha­re in the energy mix to 32 per­cent.

The Aver­biom exe­cu­ti­ve, who has ack­now­led­ged the ex­pec­ta­tions ari­sing from the new go­vern­ment and the fu­tu­re Law on Cli­ma­te Chan­ge and Energy Tran­si­tion, re­ca­lled that the reality is that “Spain keeps lo­sing ranks in Eu­ro­pe, when we ha­ve great potential in un­de­ru­ti­li­zed re­sour­ces that, if ex­ploi­ted, could help push the Na­tio­nal Bio­mass Energy Day a few days ahead to No­vem­ber 25, much clo­ser to the Eu­ro­pean ave­ra­ge (No­vem­ber 19).”

Spain is uti­li­zing 41 per­cent of its an­nual in­crea­se in wood supply, a very low per­cen­ta­ge com­pa­red with the Eu­ro­pean ave­ra­ge (73 per­cent). “The wood we are ac­cu­mu­la­ting in our fo­rests not only in­hi­bits the sec­tor’s potential growth, but it al­so crea­tes a high risk of fi­re every sum­mer.”

In ad­di­tion to the wood, Díaz said that “Spain is rich in ot­her re­sour­ces, for ins­tan­ce, agri­cul­tu­ral re­sour­ces (olive tree, fruit tree, and vi­ne shoot pru­ning) that are prac­ti­cally not uti­li­zed for bioenergy pur­po­ses, gi­ven that they are bur­ned ge­ne­ra­ting emis­sions non-stop.”

Da­ta ex­trac­ted from the Bio­ma­sud Plus pro­ject in­di­ca­tes that Spain could ob­tain 625,000 tons of pe­tro­leum equi­va­lent (TPES)


from olive tree pru­ning, as well as 290,200 TEPS from vi­ne shoot pru­ning. In ad­di­tion, it could ha­ve the 516,000 an­nual TEPS from sus­tai­nably ma­na­ged sh­rub, ac­cor­ding to in­for­ma­tion ex­trac­ted from the Ener­bio­crub pro­ject and da­ta pro­vi­ded by MAPAMA.

The head of Aver­biom be­lie­ves that this da­ta evi­den­ces the “fun­da­men­tal ro­le” pla­yed by bio­mass in the tran­si­tion to­wards re­ne­wa­ble energy. “Bioenergy is the most im­por­tant re­ne­wa­ble sour­ce in Eu­ro­pe, gi­ven that it ac­counts for 63 per­cent of the to­tal con­su­med, ahead of gas and coal, be­co­ming the first na­ti­ve energy sour­ce.”

In this sen­se, Diaz has in­sis­ted that the go­vern­ment must “promote the ro­le of bioenergy as one of the main en­gi­nes that enable us to reach the goals of the fu­tu­re Cli­ma­te Chan­ge and Energy Tran­si­tion Law.”

In the ca­se of energy ge­ne­ra­tion, “it is im­por­tant to call for new bids, ai­ming to main­tain the po­wer ge­ne­ra­tion ba­se that can be ma­na­ged using this tech­no­logy on­ce the coal, com­bi­ned cy­cle, and nu­clear po­wer plants are pro­gres­si­vely shut down.”

The Spa­nish As­so­cia­tion for Energy Re­co­very from Bio­mass (Aver­biom), for­med in 2004, gat­hers the main pla­yers across the en­ti­re va­lue chain in the bioenergy sec­tor with the pur­po­se of pro­mo­ting the de­ve­lop­ment of this in­dustry in Spain. Ave­biom cu­rrently has 180 as­so­cia­tes that ha­ve over 11,355 em­plo­yees and ge­ne­ra­te a tur­no­ver of €2.2 bi­llion.

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