The new wind po­wer plant ow­ned by En­de­sa’s sub­si­diary com­pany has a ca­pa­city of nearly 35 MW

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Enel Green Po­wer Spain (EGPE), En­de­sa’s re­ne­wa­ble energy arm, has con­nec­ted the 35-MW Los Ar­cos wind fa­ci­lity (Ma­la­ga) to the grid. Cons­truc­tion of this fa­ci­lity en­tai­led an in­vest­ment of €35.5 mi­llion.

EGPE was awar­ded 540 MW of wind energy and 339 MW of so­lar energy in the May 2017 ten­ders, for a to­tal in­vest­ment of mo­re than €800 mi­llion. By con­nec­ting this ins­ta­lla­tion, En­de­sa com­ple­tes the ca­pa­city allo­ca­ted to the com­pany in 2017 du­ring the go­vern­ment ten­ders.

Los Ar­cos wind farm, which has around 10 wind turbines with a ca­pa­city to ge­ne­ra­te 3.5 MW of unit po­wer, will ge­ne­ra­te mo­re than 100 GWH per year that can pre­vent the an­nual emis­sion of ap­pro­xi­ma­tely 66,500 tons of CO2 in­to the at­mosp­he­re.

Enel Green Po­wer has 12 wind farms in An­da­lu­sia: fi­ve in Cadiz (four in Ta­ri­fa and one in Ve­jer), anot­her fi­ve in Ma­la­ga (two in Cam­pi­llos, and Te­ba; one in Al­mar­gen, and anot­her one in Sie­rra de Ye­guas), one in Al­me­ría (Enix), and one in Gra­na­da (Pa­dul).

The cons­truc­tion of this ca­pa­city re­flects En­de­sa’s stra­tegy to de­car­bo­ni­zing its energy mix by 2050. To this end, it set the mi­les­to­ne of reaching 10.2 GW of ins­ta­lled re­ne­wa­ble ca­pa­city in 2022, up from the 7.4 GW es­ti­ma­ted by la­te-2019 with a to­tal in­vest­ment of €3.8 bi­llion.

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