Cinco Días - Executive Excellence : 2020-07-02

PORTADA : 5 : 25


GLOBAL PETER DRUCKER FORUM 2020 29 30 HOFBURG OCT VIENNA IMPERIAL PALACE www.druckerfor­ Today’s multilayer­ed crisis is the biggest test of leadership since World War ll. This year‘s Global Peter Drucker Forum takes a hard look at the leaders we have, those we need, and how to do it better. Leadership in the crisis: the pandemic’s verdict? When decisions can’t wait, how can leaders balance science with pragmatism? The post-Covid world will need massive social and economic repair: how? Reimaginin­g work: how can leaders harness digital technology for good? Resilience and self-renewal via Drucker’s entreprene­urial society: the next leadership imperative? Ideas aren’t quarantine­d, so join us online. Email your comments to Linkedin, or Instagram with comments@druckerfor­ #DruckerFor­um or tag them on Twitter, Facebook, SPEAKERS INCLUDE Tiffani Bova Gary Hamel Darja Isaksson Roger Martin Kevin Roberts Avivah Wittenberg-Cox #DruckerFor­um 5 JULIO- AGOSTMOAR2’0220200

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