Cinco Días - Executive Excellence : 2020-07-02

PORTADA : 7 : 27


Healthcare is a big business and still slow on the digitizati­on front The United States spends significan­tly higher % of GDP on healthcare than other OECD countries. Healthcare lags behind in digitizati­on. 10 Peter G. Peterson Foundation, McKinsey (1) WHAT ADVANTAGES DO TECH GIANTS BRING? FAMGA can leverage scale and large active user base 1.6B+ Facebook DA5U.8B 1.6B Daily Active Users (DAU) 200M+ Office 365 MAU Searches per Day 1.5B Active Devices 112M+ Prime Members 2020 13 Verge, Facebook Investor Presentati­on, Fortune, Microsoft Earning Transcript, MacRumors (2) They are also some of the world’s top brands FAMGA companies are leading the world’s most valuable and recognized brands. 14 Interbrand (3) 7 JULIO- AGOSTO 2020

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