11 DECEMBER 2019

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In Madrid today, the Pre­si­dent COP25, Mi­nis­ter Ca­ro­li­na Sch­midt, pre­sen­ted a re­ne­wed allian­ce of coun­tries and Non-Sta­te Ac­tors who de­ter­mi­ned to fo­llow the re­com­men­da­tions of scien­ce as re­gards cli­ma­te chan­ge. Chi­le has led this allian­ce af­ter a re­quest of the Se­cre­tary Ge­ne­ral of the Uni­ted Na­tions, An­tó­nio Gu­te­rres, in the con­text of the 2019 Cli­ma­te Sum­mit.

Mi­nis­ter Sch­midt an­noun­ced that 103 na­tions ha­ve sig­na­led their in­ten­tion to sub­mit an en­han­ced cli­ma­te ac­tion plan (or Na­tio­nally De­ter­mi­ned Con­tri­bu­tion), and she ack­now­led­ged tho­se 11 na­tions who ha­ve star­ted an in­ter­nal pro­cess to boost am­bi­tion and ha­ve this re­flec­ted in their na­tio­nal plans by 2020, ases­ta­blis­hed in the Paris Agree­ment. This group re­pre­sents 114 na­tions in to­tal .

She al­so sta­ted that 120 coun­tries plus the EU (121 to­tal), along­si­de 15 re­gions, 398 ci­ties, 786 bu­si­nes­ses and 16 in­ves­tors are wor­king to­wards achie­ving net­ze­ro CO2 emis­sions by 2050. This

de­mons­tra­tes clearly that both Sta­te and non-Sta­te ac­tors re­cog­ni­ze the ur­gent need to ta­ke am­bi­tious ac­tion to ad­dress the cli­ma­te chan­ge emer­gency.

Mi­nis­ter Sch­midt ex­pres­sed that “Today we are strengt­he­ning our glo­bal push for mo­re am­bi­tion. Mo­re and mo­re lea­ders are joi­ning this ef­fort to de­mons­tra­te that boos­ting NDC am­bi­tion is both ne­ces­sary and pos­si­ble. We are he­re to lis­ten to what our peo­ple are de­man­ding its lea­ders to do”. Mi­nis­ter Sch­midt al­so in­di­ca­ted that Chi­le and the Uni­ted King­dom will join ef­forts to mo­bi­li­ze ad­di­tio­nal ac­tors to join the allian­ce on the road to­wards COP26. The Allian­ce will al­so strengt­hen its work on adap­ta­tion and the in­vol­ve­ment of the pri­va­te sec­tor. All ef­forts will aim to ac­ce­le­ra­te the trans­for­ma­tion nee­ded to meet the goals of the Paris Agree­ment and ul­ti­ma­tely sta­bi­li­ze glo­bal tem­pe­ra­tu­re ri­se at 1.5C.

“Led by Chi­le, the Cli­ma­te Am­bi­tion Allian­ce was laun­ched at the Cli­ma­te Ac­tion Sum­mit in New York”, the Uni­ted Na­tions Se­cre­tary-Ge­ne­ral, An­tó­nio Gu­te­rres, said at COP25. “I am deeply en­cou­ra­ged by the growth [in the Am­bi­tion Allian­ce]. The shift from the grey to the green eco­nomy is on, and it is gat­he­ring pa­ce. As we look ahead to 2020, the­re is much to be do­ne.”

UN Cli­ma­te Chan­ge Exe­cu­ti­ve Se­cre­tary, Pa­tri­cia Es­pi­no­sa said, “Joi­ning the Chi­le-dri­ven Cli­ma­te Am­bi­tion Allian­ce is a con­cre­te way to de­mons­tra­te that the world is uni­ted behind the im­pe­ra­ti­ve to boost am­bi­tion. Un­der this Allian­ce, na­tions can pu­blicly com­mit to en­han­cing their na­tio­nal cli­ma­te plans by 2020.”

As we ur­gently in­crea­se our ef­forts to re­du­ce emis­sions, we must al­so gi­ve equal and in­crea­sed ur­gency to adapt to cli­ma­te im­pacts and build re­si­lien­ce for the fu­tu­re. Com­mu­ni­ties that are vul­ne­ra­ble to the im­pacts of cli­ma­te chan­ge fa­ce anexis­ten­tial th­reat. The IPCC Spe­cial Re­port on the Im­pacts of Glo­bal War­ming of 1.5°C sta­tes that both ur­gent and trans­for­ma­tio­nal adap­ta­tion ac­tion is nee­ded to re­du­ce cli­ma­te-re­la­ted risk. The sca­le of ex­pec­ted im­pacts is such that bu­si­ness as usual is no lon­ger an op­tion for any country, com­mu­nity, bu­si­ness or fi­nan­cial ins­ti­tu­tion. The Call for Ac­tion on Adap­ta­tion and Re­si­lien­ce was laun­ched at the UN Cli­ma­te Ac­tion Sum­mit and has been sig­ned by 118 coun­tries. The call marks the be­gin­ning of a pa­ra­digm shift in the way we all build adap­ta­tion and re­si­lien­ce.

“The UK is hu­gely de­ter­mi­ned and com­mit­ted to work to­get­her with our glo­bal part­ners to tac­kle the cli­ma­te cri­sis. Every country must co­me for­ward as soon as pos­si­ble in 2020 with a mo­re am­bi­tious NDC. Sixty-six Par­ties joi­ned the Cli­ma­te Am­bi­tion Allian­ce at UNCAS through com­mit­ments to going net ze­ro. I com­mend the lea­ders­hip of Chi­le in laun­ching the Allian­ce. We only ha­ve this pla­net, and we all ha­ve a duty to do everyt­hing we can to lea­ve it a bet­ter pla­ce than we found it.”, said Clai­re O’Neill, COP26 Pre­si­dent De­sig­na­te of UK.

For mi­ti­ga­tion, the Cli­ma­te Am­bi­tion Allian­ce will fo­cus on the sub­mis­sion of en­han­ced Na­tio­nally De­ter­mi­ned Con­tri­bu­tions; reaching new com­mit­ments to achie­ve Net Ze­ro by 2050; and the im­ple­men­ta­tion of mea­su­res to strengt­hen the pro­tec­tion of fo­rests and oceans.

For adap­ta­tion, the Cli­ma­te Am­bi­tion Allian­ce, will fo­cus on strong ac­tions to im­pro­ve the ma­na­ge­ment of wa­ter, re­si­lien­ce in in­fras­truc­tu­re and the sus­tai­na­bi­lity of ci­ties.

It’s ti­me for ac­tion.

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