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“Se­lec­ción Es­pe­cial”, from the Juan Ló­pez brand, is the vi­to­la hand­pic­ked by Ha­ba­nos, S.A. in 2020 to com­me­mo­ra­te the 150 years of the brand and the 30th an­ni­ver­sary of the La Ca­sa del Ha­bano fran­chi­se net­work, which ex­clu­si­vely sells this pro­duct.

The­se 25 Ha­ba­nos, of uni­que si­zes and plea­sant to puff on, ha­ve been pro­du­ced "to­tally by hand with long fi­ller", fo­llo­wing a ca­re­ful se­lec­tion of the lea­ves for wrap­per, fi­ller and bin­der from the most pres­ti­gious area of Vuel­ta Aba­jo*, in the re­gion of Pi­nar del Río*, Cu­ba* and pro­du­ced by ex­pert Cu­ban ci­gar hand-ro­llers.

*D.O.P. (Pro­tec­ted Ap­pe­lla­tion of Ori­gin)

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