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Mon­te­cris­to is the most fa­mous and per­haps, the most sought af­ter of Ha­ba­nos brands. It has been re­gar­ded by many the re­fe­ren­ce of Ha­ba­nos fla­vor. Its na­me is ins­pi­red in Alejandro Du­mas' no­vel El Con­de de Mon­te­cris­to, with great ac­cep­tan­ce among ci­gar ro­llers in the H. Up­mann fac­tory in Ha­va­na, whe­re the brand was foun­ded in 1935.

Mon­te­cris­to his­to­ric port­fo­lio, which was ini­tially ma­de up ex­clu­si­vely of vi­to­las ran­ging from 1 to 5, was pro­gres­si­vely com­ple­ted with the ad­di­tion of of­fers that co­ver all pre­fe­ren­ces among the most de­man­ding smo­kers. In 2004, a new vi­to­la was ad­ded to the brand, Ed­mun­do (ring gau­ge 52 x 135 mm long), em­bra­cing the trend of thick ring-gau­ge for­mat that was then roun­ded out a couple of years la­ter with the Pe­tit Ed­mun­do (ring gau­ge 52 x 110 mm long). In 2013, the Ed­mun­do li­ne was en­han­ced with the arri­val of a new vi­to­la, Dou­ble Ed­mun­do (ring gau­ge 50 x 155 mm long) that pro­vi­des the full ran­ge of scents and tas­tes of the Ed­mun­do Li­ne's clas­sic blend in ap­pro­xi­ma­tely an hour-long smo­ke.

Mon­te­cris­to “He­re­de­ros” is the vi­to­la se­lec­ted by Ha­ba­nos, S.A. to com­me­mo­ra­te in 2020 the brand 85th anniversar­y and the 30th anniversar­y of the La Ca­sa del Ha­bano fran­chi­se net­work. He­re­de­ros is brought to mar­ket in spe­cial straight-si­ded bo­xes of 20 Ha­ba­nos each and is ex­clu­si­vely mar­ke­ted in the fran­chi­se net­works of La Ca­sa del Ha­ba­nos and Es­pe­cia­lis­tas en Ha­ba­nos.

The­se Ha­ba­nos ha­ve been “com­ple­tely hand-ro­lled with long fi­ller,” fo­llo­wing a ca­re­ful se­lec­tion of fi­ller, bin­der, and wrap­per lea­ves from the fi­nest to­bac­co plan­ta­tions of Vuel­ta Aba­jo*, in the re­gion of Pi­nar del Río*, Cuba*, and pro­du­ced by highly qua­li­fied Cu­ban ci­gar ro­llers.

* D.O.P. (Pro­tec­ted Ap­pe­lla­tion of Ori­gin)

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