Habanos - - Sum­mary - Jo­sé Carlos de San­tia­go

Ha­ba­nos, S.A. was born 26 years ago and shortly af­ter that it ca­me up with a one-and-only ac­ti­vity in the world: the Ha­bano Fes­ti­val, a very spe­cial and ex­clu­si­ve mee­ting that gat­hers afi­cio­na­dos, ex­perts and con­nois­seurs from all over the glo­be around the chance to li­ve a uni­que ex­pe­rien­ce.

Har­mony bet­ween rums and Ha­ba­nos -a se­lect and pro­found work ca­rried out by the best Cu­ban som­me­liers-, the art that over­flows with bold­fa­ce na­mes of the cul­tu­re, the pre­sen­ce of po­li­ti­cal fi­gu­res, as well as the pre­sen­ce of ce­le­bri­ties from all over the world, are just so­me of the many and va­lua­ble mo­ments that de­fi­ne the Fes­ti­val, reasons enough to ma­ke ever­yo­ne want to co­me back year af­ter year and re­peat their stay in this fa­bu­lous event. This is a gat­he­ring that wel­co­mes over 2,000 peo­ple and in which the ele­ments of so­li­da­rity, sus­tai­na­bi­lity and sa­tis­fac­tion are pre­sent sin­ce its crea­tion.

This year, Ha­ba­nos, S.A. will be ce­le­bra­ting mi­les­to­ne an­ni­ver­sa­ries: the 145th an­ni­ver­sary of Romeo y Ju­lie­ta, which the launch of its Gol­den Li­ne fea­tu­ring th­ree new vi­to­las; the 85th an­ni­ver­sary of Mon­te­cris­to, the th­ree de­ca­des of the La Ca­sa del Ha­bano fran­chi­se network, and the 175th an­ni­ver­sary of Par­ta­gás, which will be held with the launch of a Spe­cial Edi­tion.

Just on the heels of the 25th an­ni­ver­sary of the foun­da­tion of this ma­jor com­pany and the 500th an­ni­ver­sary of Ha­va­na, at­ten­dees will be able to sip the fi­nest rums and vi­nes.

Then, with the vi­sit to the plan­ta­tions in San An­to­nio, a tech­ni­cal and re­crea­tio­nal cy­cle will be clo­sed to fi­nally get to the nitty gritty of this wri­ting. It's a sa­tis­fac­tory and so­li­dary event be­cau­se the mo­ney co­llec­ted in the hu­mi­dor auc­tion is fun­ne­led in­to the Cu­ban pu­blic health­ca­re sys­tem.

But it's al­so sus­tai­na­ble in as much be­cau­se the tra­di­tions of cul­ti­va­tion, so­wing and hand-ro­lling are pre­ser­ved. In the sa­me breath, it's sus­tai­na­ble due to the fact that a uni­que pro­duct is pre­sen­ted, let alo­ne due to the un­bea­ta­ble work of that fa­mily co­re ca­lled Ha­ba­nos, S.A.

Ta­king part in this auc­tion, which has ra­ked in over 1.5 mi­llion eu­ros, is so­met­hing unu­sual and very spe­cial. The­se are hu­mi­dors full of the best and most ex­clu­si­ve Ha­ba­nos, each one with its own brand and cha­rac­te­ris­tic. The­se are very pre­cious ob­jects be­cau­se they ha­ve been craf­ted and de­sig­ned by world-class Cu­ban ar­tists, and be­cau­se of their va­lue as uni­que pie­ces that even­tually turn them in­to ge­nui­ne mas­ter­pie­ces.

The Ex­ce­len­cias Group, by the hand of its ma­ga­zi­nes (www.re­vis­ta­sex­ce­len­cias.com, www.ar­te­po­rex­ce­len­cias.com, www.ex­ce­len­cias­gour­met.com, www.ex­ce­len­cias­del­mo­tor. com) and its news­pa­pers, has traip­sed along Ha­ba­nos, S.A. th­rough the 22 edi­tions of the fes­ti­val. And it has do­ne so not only with its re­gu­lar is­sues, but al­so by put­ting out a spe­cial ma­ga­zi­ne li­ke this one that now co­mes to yours hands, both in En­glish and Spa­nish, to spread out the events of the Ha­ba­nos uni­ver­se world­wi­de, as well as the laun­ches of new pro­ducts. All the events ha­ve al­so been echoed in the prin­ted ma­ga­zi­nes, on our Ex­ce­len­cias app, or on such web­si­tes as www.ca­ri­bein­si­der.com, www.ex­ce­len­cias­cu­ba.com and www.ca­rib­bean­news­di­gi­tal.com.

With this edi­tor's let­ter, we thank Ha­ba­nos, S.A. for the trust it has pin­ned on the Ex­ce­len­cias Group and the sup­port re­cei­ved from them for the Ex­ce­len­cias Gas­tro­no­mic Se­mi­nars, which we ha­ve been hol­ding in Me­xi­co, Panama and Cu­ba for mo­re than ten years. Ce­le­bra­ting 500 years of Ha­va­na in the com­pany of such a pres­ti­gious com­pany, who­se Fes­ti­val is now un­fol­ding in its 22nd edi­tion, is no doubt so­met­hing we feel very proud of.

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