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been added for the Santa Ponsa tournament because of the big demand for tickets. vehicle did not have a driver’s license.

THE season has officially started and it’s time to check the rules. We have a Lifeguard with ‘attitude’ on patrol now and don’t mess with him. The Dog Beach we all greeted with such joy is ‘not so’ according to him. He even went as far as calling it ‘Fake News’. The facts, I believe, is there is a Dog Beach, but it doesn’t extend as far as we were first led to believe. The sooner a printed notice goes up about this the better, as tempers boiled between some dog owners and our zealous lifeguard.

The next on the list for our busy chap is to do with paddle boarding. According to him all should wear helmets and be supervised by an adult, also on a paddle board. This one caused a Social Media storm, and we learnt that rules do exist, but not till you are further out of the bay, rather than lapping at the seashore. Again, the exchanges were heated on this one and everyone is now an expert on their version of reality.

Then the next, was afternoon music playing out over the beach, from one restaurant. This was a problem last year, when the drum and base for the afternoon hours, sent some people off the beach in search of a quieter location. The rules on this one appears straightfo­rward unless the venue has applied for a special license for a one-off event. This one is about to run and run.

The next announceme­nt is to do with the number of small boats who can park freely in the bay. The port of Soller is a ‘Safety Harbour’ and, in storms, local boats head here for shelter. Some, when they find us, don’t want to leave, and remain parked in the Bay for the summer.

There is now a numerical restrictio­n of 45 boats, this will be patrolled by the Maritime patrol. Local people have a view on this one and they hate the way the bay becomes a ‘boat park’ in the summer.

What about the parking for the summer months? Well ask me another, as the solutions seem to be being plucked out of the air. Whether any of them will see the light of day for this season is debatable. Various bodies are involved in this including the powers that be in Palma.

There is a plan to encourage more use of public transport by providing parking right next to bus stops. The only area where such land might be found is near the garages at the roundabout when you first come into Soller. I have not seen a plan, but I am told it is a feasible option. Well, let’s wait and see, shall we?

We love our seasonal walkers, cyclists, wedding groups, Yoga Ashrams and exercise groups. They are part of our summer and Sollerweb plays a part in being the informatio­n source for many who come our way.

This season we have noticed a new trend, and that is in motorcycle tourism. We often have weekend visits from the ‘Harley’ Groups as they travel sedately through the Valley, stop for refreshmen­t in the port and then gently get on their bikes and make a return trip.

The new visitor is usually from other parts of Spain, Germany, France and Switzerlan­d. Many are looking to travel in the mountains in a convey and this is causing questions. They love the twists and turns of the Serra and want to test the limits of their bikes. Once this equates to speed, particular­ly in the dark, then the authoritie­s want to know more. There are conversati­ons going on about what is and not possible. The biker numbers are growing steadily, and I am sure we will hear more about his as the season progresses.

Every new season starts with the questions, and all need proportion­ate answers. The politician­s are getting used to that word now. They are approachin­g the time when they are allowed to make grand gestures and promises in order to secure our precious vote.

Welcome to the season of

2023 – bring it on…

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 ?? ?? The new visitors in Puerto Soller.
The new visitors in Puerto Soller.
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