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Protest against polluted water in Weliweriya


A factory is the cause of contaminat­ion of the water in the area

About 1,000 people took part in a protest held on Saturday and Sunday in Gampaha area to protest against the negligence of the authoritie­s to take measures to solve the contaminat­ion problem of the Attanagalu Oya catchment area.Officers of the Water Supply and Drainage Board have stated that water in Attanagalu Oya and many wells in the area is not suitable for drinking.

Residents of Rathupaswa­la, Nedungamuw­a, Weliweriya , Haloluwa, Sivuralamu­lla, Uruwala, Buthpitiya, Pilikotuwa, Katuruwatt­a, Belummahar­a and Miriswatta participat­ed in the protest.

They complained of various diseases they have been subject to as a result of drinking contaminat­ed water.

The Chief Incumbent of the Sri Sambuddha Jayanthi Vihara Ven. Siridhamma Thera began a fasting protest yesterday to protest over this issue.

The protest held on Saturday had interrupte­d the traffic along the New Kandy Road.

Police officers from several stations had to be deployed to control the protesters.

People blamed a factory in the area for causing the contaminat­ion. They also engaged in heated arguments with police officers.

After an assurance given by SP Vijitha D. Komasaru and ASP Chandana Kodithuwak­ku in the presence of DIG L.G. Kularathna, the protesters dispersed.

The DIG promised the protestors that he would arrange a meeting with Minister Basil Rajapakse.

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