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Russian law does not limit length of Snowden’s stay in transit zone

- (rt.com)

Russian laws do not limit the amount time that Edward Snowden can stay inside the transit zone of Moscow’s Sheremetye­vo airport, and internatio­nal law does not allow Russia to simply return the whistleblo­wer to the US, Russia's Justice Ministry said.

The ministry said in a statement that according to the country’s laws, former CIA employer Snowden can stay inside the internatio­nal transit zone for as long as he pleases, even though his travel documents were revoked by the US. The whistleblo­wer has been inside Shereme- tyevo airport since arriving in Moscow on June 23.

"Russian law does not stipulate the duration of time for which a foreign citizen may stay in the airport's transit zone or liability for staying for a long time in an airport's transit zone without documents," the ministry told Interfax news agency.

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