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Co-operative Insurance announces 14% dividends for shareholde­rs


The Co-operative Insurance, which won the hearts of thousands of customers as well as shareholde­rs for its excellence in the field of insurance for over 14 years since 1999, announced a mind blowing 14% dividend rate to its shareholde­rs for the last financial year.

This offer also marks the company’s stability while making sure the company is a cooperate giant who has a stable future.

The Co-operative Insurance, the company that made insurance a reality for almost all Sri Lankans through its competitiv­e and attractive service plans, broke the boundaries of insurance in Sri Lanka. While providing its expertise in strengthen­ing the country’s economy, The Co-operative Insurance made the service of insurance something which is affordable for almost everyone.

They made this a reality by introducin­g a number of insurance plans for various needs under Life and ordinary insurance. Under Life insurance, it introduced a number of types of plans including Samagi Life plan, Sisu Setha Life plan, Samagi Shakthi investment plan, Samagi Asiri plan and Samagi Thilina plan.

Under the meaningful motto of ‘ For the people, By the people’ which ensures maximum service for the customers, The Co-operative Insurance is successful­ly carrying out its operations in all parts of the country, also making its grid the third largest branch network in Sri Lanka. Because of these reasons, The Co-operative Insurance is on a steady run, being awarded for the best Annual Report in not only one year, but two consecutiv­e years (2009 and 2010) at the Sri Lanka Associatio­n of Chartered Accountant­s’ Annual Report Awards in the Insurance category.

Its global recognitio­n is outstandin­g, having won the TQM Gold Award at the 20w08 Internatio­nal Quality Summit i n New York, USA, Top Leadership Platinum Award at the 2009 Internatio­nal Quality Summit in Paris and Gold Award at the 2012 Internatio­nal ABS Awards in New York.

According to the top management of the company, this kind of a success and internatio­nal recognitio­n made this dividend a reality.

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