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Spotlight on Chandra Kaluarachc­hi


Veteran actress Chandra Kaluarachc­hi made her acting debut on stage more than five decades ago – in 1962 when she acted in Arnold Wickramasu­riya's ‘Raththaran Putha Saha Heyyanmaru­wa'. “I was just a 17-year-old girl when Arnold visited our home to get my parent's permission to cast me in his stage play, after he had seen me during the staging of a play. But I started my journey in arts at Radio Ceylon's Lama Ranga in 1959. I was a student at Parakramab­ahu Vidyalaya then. The following year I got through as a child radio artiste and in 1963 I was a graded radio artiste. I took part in a large number of radio plays including Dambathenn­a, Muwan Pelessa, Kiwule Kumbura, Thaksalawa, Hen Yaya, Monarathen­na, Pahan Siluwa and others. I am now engaged in a tele drama of Vasanthi Chathurani and ‘Gajaman Puwatha'. I won State drama awards several times,” she told Impulse.

During our days, radio prorgammes were aired live but today most of them are pre-recorded. It was very natural then. Even stage artistes were treated with dignity. After the eighties, priority was given to money signaling a downfall. But today there is renewed enthusiasm in the stage scene with new dramatists entering the field.

I have won OCIC and Sumathi best actress and supporting actress awards while clinching awards on stage for Wahalak Nethi Geyak, Ahasin Wetunu Minissu and Idama.

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