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‘Mahasamaya­ma’ sri


ver narrot


a Ma


I would say this is an extension on the tradition introduced by Ediriweera Sarachchan­dra brought forward. But he did not have a suitable stage for it. If you consider Greece for instance the stage was very large. Big creatures are born on them. My challenge was to go in search of this great tradition and how to conquer the modern stage. Ediriweera Sarachchan­dra was faced with a barriers while trying to match technology with tradition. I hope to overcome that barriers by taking this experience from Ediriweera Sarachchan­dra .At a time when the ‘ Lionel Wendt Theatre’ representi­ng a certain social clan and the English classes he brings a village ‘Nadagam’ and an Opera to their stage. He had tried out the way our tradition should be taken to the world. Our stage drama art does not accept ritual dialogues. ‘Bali Thovil’ did not come to the stage. That was the reason westerners had fought us that they had no poetic value. But the dramatic value in a bali, sokari or nadagama of our own in global. That is why I thought of matching it with modern stage . I wanted to bring this on stage according to our own measuremen­t .(index). Due to this I wanted to activate the transactio­n between Sarachchan­dra’s past and modern stage without saying that I went to a place where Sarachchan­dra could not touch, it is better to highlight that we are trying to attain a place he tried at.

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