Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka)

IP arrested over a Rs.75,000 bribery charge



The officials of the Commission to Investigat­e Allegation­s of Bribery or Corruption yesterday arrested a Police Inspector on charges of having solicited a bribe of Rs.75,000.

The Inspector is said to have demanded the bribe from a suspect, who was implicated in a case of alleged sexual misconduct while at the Fort Railway Station.

The IP had solicited the bribe of Rs.75,000 on the assurance that the suspect would not be produced in Court.

The suspect is alleged to have paid Rs.12,000 as an advance before informing the bribery sleuths who had arrested the IP when he was on the verge of accepting the balance Rs.63,000.

Bribery Commission Officials had arrested several policemen recently over allegation­s of having accepted or while on the verge of accepting bribes.

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