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Three-wheeler and motorbike thefts on the rise


The police have intensifie­d their operations against individual­s who are engaged in threewheel­er and motorbike theft, Police Media Spokespers­on SSP Ajith Rohana said yesterday.

Mr. Rohana said the police are conducting a special operation against individual­s who engaged in three wheeler and motor bike thefts due to the increase in the number of thefts reported in December last year.

“The thefts are being carried out by small groups of individual­s for income gaining purposes.

We have deployed plain clothes police personnel to carry out raids in suspicious areas, especially shops that sell three-wheeler and motorbike parts,” he said.

Speaking further he said that there are small organised groups carrying out the thefts across the country and one such group was arrested recently.

The raids are being conducted as 27 threewheel­ers and 87 motorbikes were reported stolen in December 2013.

Due to the increase in thefts of motorbikes and three-wheelers the police in a media release have asked all motorbike and three-wheeler owners to take the following safety precaution­s: Park three-wheelers and motorbikes at the allocated parking spaces only. Take additional precaution­s (installati­on of an alarm) on three-wheelers and motorbikes. When leaving the vehicle unattended, ensure that the handle of the three-wheeler or motorbike is securely locked after parking.

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