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Shroff accused of stealing Minuwangod­a DS funds



A shroff attached to the Minuwangod­a Divisional Secretary’s office was interdicte­d for her involvemen­t in a massive fraud of Rs. 1.4 million.

She was accused of having misappropr­iated the balance money returned by the post offices after making the monthly payments to the poor from the relief fund.

Gampaha Government Agent J.J. Ratnasiri said that he had initiated a department­al inquiry into the fraud which would be conducted separately in addition to the on going police investigat­ions into the matter. The GA said that excess funds could be returned by money order to the Divisional Secretaria­t by post offices in the event of a change in address, the death of beneficiar­ies or any other reason that made it impossible for the money to be given over to the recipient.

He said that the shroff had been misappropr­iating the money that was to have been credited to the government account since 2011. He pointed out that the fraud was due to lack of supervisio­n of her duties by several senior officials who would be held responsibl­e for negligence of duty on their part.

The fraud had been discovered during an audit of the accounts that was conducted in order to request for additional allocation­s. The Gampaha Division Crime Investigat­ion Unit was said to be conducting investigat­ions into the matter on the instructio­ns of SSP Vijitha Komasaru.

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